Remember Me – A Game of Fate



Episode 11

Party Time At Khurana’s.

Part 1

“Geet”, Maan voice echoed in the Khurana’s house, Geet stood immediately but bit brave as Dadi maa and Dev was there, “What are you doing here, go home and get ready, the party is starting at seven and you have to been in early to check the arrangement. So just go now.”

“Sir, I won’t come to the party,” Geet said with a shaky voice, what? Maan looked at her confused as well as Dadi maa and Dev.

“But why?” Maan asked angry glowing out of him.

“Mr.Ragul will be there,” Geet said with a low voice making a baby face.

“Geet, Mr.Ragul is our client and so he will be there and why do you worry about him, as if you will be alone,” Maan reasoned still in anger.

“Ah Geet, bro will be there na, when Maan Singh Khurana is there why should his employees get scared, Bro, will take care of….. Of the situation” Dev made a comment with a grin.

Maan looked at him with his big eyes burning with anger. “Now go get ready,” He ordered.

“No sir, in the party’s, staff wear only western dress” Geet spoke again

“So?” Maan said like he would blast out in any minute.

“I don’t have any western outfits” she answered

“So what? Do I have to buy you one?” Maan Jumped at her.

“No sir, I feel uncomfortable with it so…” Geet was struggling now.

“Geet it’s companies rules. I can’t change it.” Maan said stubbornly.

“But Sir,” Geet started her speech when Maan cut her off, “If you can’t come today, then don’t you ever come to the Khurana office again.” Maan said finally with his hands folded around his chest.

 Geet looked shocked with this kind of angriness and felt like crying.

“Maan, what is this, I didn’t except this from you, this means everybody in Khurana company has to do what you say, whether they like it or not, not fair beta, we are suppose to consider our employees feeling too.” Dadi Maa argued him.

“But Dadi maa, the rules”, Maan started.

“No buts’ Maan, and hell with your rules, we created the rules and that means we can change it too, Geet you are going to the party and you can wear a Saree or any dress you are comfortable with ok.” Dadi maa Said in a firm tone.

“Now go Geet, Go and Get ready”, Dadi maa said and so Geet went to her house.

Dadi maa, held Maan’s hands and made him to sit near her, “Maan I know you don’t like me to interfere in your Office rules but Maan, think about geet, just now she is trying to start an new life and yesterday you knew what happened, so please beta, consider this as a special situation”. Just then Maan remembered Geet crying in the office, and fainting there and Geet fainted in the hotel, thinking that Maan nodded and went in to get ready.

Geet searched her bag to find something to wear for the party. She found a white Saree, for no reason she loved the Saree, she touched it and instantly decided to wear it. Pinky gave her the matching jewels.

Tasha called pinky to come to the venue to check on the final details, pinky was ready already but Geet was not. Geet asked pinky to go and she will come there by herself. Pinky said ok and moved on.

Geet got ready and went out to get the taxi and was not able to find one.


“Dev,” Maan was shouting and Dev rushed to him, “Dev where is my white Jacket? can’t find it anywhere.” He shouted.

“Bro relax, maybe Dadi maa had given it to dry wash or something, bro, you do one thing, and wear my White jacket, as I don’t wear it anyways.” Maan said ok and Dev bought his white Jacket and gave it to Maan and Maan and Dev both got ready.


Geet was standing there for more than 30 minutes and was unable to find any taxi; she knew Maan will kill her if she goes late. Just then a car came and stopped in front of her making her jump.

Dev got down from the car and apologized for scaring her, and said that he will drop her as he too is going towards the same hotel for arranging surprise dinner for Naintara.

“You know Geet, I thought some angel had come down, seeing you with the white Saree standing alone at night, under the street light.” Dev teased, Geet blushed, “please, Dev sir”. Dev said he was just kidding and said Maan favourite color too is white.


When Geet came into the hotel it was ten minutes more than seven, she was so tensed and Dev convinced her and asked her to go soon and join the crowd, Maan will not say anything before the clients and after that if he says something then she can always have Dadi maa’s help.

Naintara who was already waiting for Dev to capture Dev with Geet, saw Dev coming with Geet, when she was above to go and ripe them both, Geet rushed in the opposite direction while Dev entered the Dinning alone, why is Geet going in the opposite way, Naintara thought, and went in to check on Dev.


Maan was Roaming like a furious lion when he came to know Geet haven’t come, after all the concession and pampering from Dadi maa she haven’t came yet. Everybody was asking about her and especially that Ragul. He was burning with anger, “when she comes before my eyes I am gonna burn her like hell.” Maan said to himself.

Geet, Pinky said in a low voice and Maan turned around with his big eyes reddened. But everything change when he saw her in her white Saree, she was looking like an angel. The Blue light decorations, her shining Saree and her glowing Eyes, mesmerized Maan. Maan’s mind stopped working and

Tasha was looking at Maan, to scolded Geet for coming in Saree and all others were looking at Geet, seeing her beauty without a blink. Pinky rushed to Geet and stood by her. “Pinky why is everyone staring at me?” Geet asked and pinky said as Geet is the only one in Saree all others are staring and nothing more.

“Geet, are you stupid? Don’t you know the rules, you are not supposed to wear Saree for Office Party” Tasha scrolled out. “Tasha, Geet knew the rules and also got Maan sir’s Permission to wear a Saree.” Pinky answered her for Geet.

Tasha was unable to believe it. But Maan was still starting at her when Ragul spoke breaking his stare, “wow, Geet you look fabulous, oh, Hi again, so nice to see you again” He gave his hand for a shake hand, Geet looked at Maan, who was looking at her with his big eyes, and gave her hand to Ragul.

Ragul was pressing her hand rather than a shake. Geet pulled her hands out and stood away from him, but he was looking at her from top to bottom, Maan can’t stand that, so he went near her, “Geet, you said you don’t feel comfortable here know, so you can go home now.  I am giving you the permission to go now, you don’t need to stay here” Maan said shocking Geet to the core.

“No sir, I can manage” she said but it was not about her now, it was about Maan, he can’t stand the way Ragul is looking at her. He told her to go, again and Geet said no. Maan left her as he can’t reason her why he wants her to leave. And went towards Raj and his Partner but was eyeing only Geet.

Dev was arranging the tables with red roses when Naintara enter, she saw her Name written with roses on the wall, “Naintara what? How did you know? Dev said surprised of her visit there, “Oh god, you spoiled me surprise, never mind, as you came, let start the dinner now, Music please,” Dev was cheerful.

“Dev, you did this for me,” Naintara asked with confusion, “but you came with Geet”.

Geet? Dev started laughing, and said geet came here for the office party and so Dev was just dropping her in. Naintara asked what Geet is doing in Office party, and Dev explained how Maan got impressed by Geet’s work and gave her a job.

Naintara knew Maan don’t like her but he likes Geet now, and Dadi maa too likes her, and If Dev says he too likes Geet, and then they will all decide to put Geet with Dev and pull Naintara out. The thought scared Naintara and she thought that she had to do a planning now something now, then she start to enjoy her dinner with Dev.



Episode 11

Party Time At Khurana’s.

Part 2

Everyone was called to the dance floor, and everyone chosen their partners, many asked Geet but she said no, when someone asked Pinky, Geet asked her to go and said she is ok alone. Maan as usual standing near the bar with his cocktail in his hand stood looking at Geet,

Maan would always withdraw himself when it comes to dance in the party, as it always caused a chaos, between the girls there, and even made them fight, to get their chance with Maan.

Ragul went to Geet and asked her to dance with him, but she refused, “Oh, come on Geet, it’s not a good gesture to turn down someone with no reason as you have no partner with you” Ragul compiled and Geet felt trapped.

“Excuse me,” Maan interfered and lead his hand out to Geet, and nodded his head with a smile, Geet with no second thoughts gave her hand to him. Ragul felt annoyed and kicked the floor and went away.

Maan took her to the center of the dance floor. Lights went off, he left her hand and took his jacket off and gave it to a waiter there and turned to Geet who was looking with her eyes wide open. The spot light was immediately on Maan, as it’s a rare moment. He took her left hand and kept it on his left shoulder and put his left hand around her waist and took her right hand in his right, and started to move slightly without looking at Geet. Geet could feel his left hand resting on her bare skin right side of her waist and his face was so close to her’s, his lips still having that slight smile.

Now Geet knew why every girl on the planet dies to fall in to Maan arms, how someone could be so beautiful like this, she was looking at him, with her face showing her happiness to be in his hands. Maan turned around to see Geet smiling and staring at him, Maan felt something towards Geet which he never felt before, the first song got over and the next song played.

Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe ab batao –2

Todh do khud ko tum
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein –2

Maan pressed his hands on her waist making her shiver and pulled herself closed, Maan stepped with her as per the song,

She looked up and he held her right hand and twisted her around and slide her down, holding her head in one hand and balancing himself with the other hand on the air and he lifted her slowly and turned her around and slide his left hand around her tummy and held her right hand in his right and pressed her into him more which made her shiver and rest herself on Maan’s shoulder and rotated around and waved their moves.

Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe ab batao –2

Todh do khud ko tum
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein –2

Aaaaa.. aaa..

Geet was like a puppet in Maan’s hands, she was totally lost into his strong hands, into his sweet aroma and into his handsome face. Maan was acting like he is programmed for it. He held both her hands and left her up in the air, Geet was fully supported by Maan body and was balancing just in his hand, he rounded twice and then slide her down, Geet could feel her body dragging down on his.

He held her close for minute and looked at her face which was burning with heat, and when Geet looked at him, he turned her to his back and held her face and moving in a wave, but Geet could not take her eyes on Maan, then he pulled her in front and they were looking at each other, Maan felt something for her inside him and push her close and then pushed her away, and kneeled down holding his hands out to her.

Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao –2

Tere zajbaaton mein mehki si saason mein
Yeh jo mehek Sandali si hai
Dil ki panahon mein bekhri si aahon mein
Sone ki khwasish jagi si hai
Chehre se chehra chupao
Sene ki dhadkan suno
Dekhlo khud ko tum
Annkhon mein meri
Annkhon mein meri
Annkhon mein meri
Annkhon mein

Maan held his hand out and Geet got it and circled around him and fall into his arms from behind and Maan was holding her and He lifted her up and turned her around and lifted her in his arms are rotated twice and dropped her down and pulled her close and holding her by her waist with both his arms and he pressed it hard and lifted her up again in the air and rotated twice again and slide her down balancing her body on his own.

And was holding her close, both of them looking at each other, the music was stopped but still they were staring, they body was burning with heat due to the passionate dance and there mind was not working. Maan then gained her scene and took his hands from Geet waist and Geet was still holding him, he pulled himself from her, but she was still looking at him.

And the lights were on and everyone applauded, which made Geet to scene, what have she done, Pinky was shocked and was looking with her mouth opened and everyone was looking at them with astonishment.  Maan got his jacket and went near the bar, when Ragul approached Geet, “Sorry Ms.Geet, I don’t know that you are already taken by Mr.Khurana himself, No wonder he has fall for this beauty,” He said with a disgusting look.

Geet felt her tears on her cheeks and looked at Maan, who was looking at her from the Bar counter, the run out of the hall, “Geet”, Maan ran behind her.


Remember Me – A Game Of Fate


Episode 10:

A flicker of Flashback.


Geet was busy in her cabin, when Maan called in her; Geet went into his cabin to see Pinky and Tasha already standing there, “Geet, Pinky and Tasha, our client had called me now and said that they want to meet us in Hotel sunshine today to have an informal meeting and a lunch, and they want me to bring in the staffs working on their project.

So be ready for the afternoon, Maan ordered and asked them to leave, “one minute, as they are giving us lunch today. Let’s give them a dinner party tomorrow, at hotel sunshine, to show our gesture, so as we go there today, book the hall and also make the necessary arrangement thereby, ok,”

Three of them nodded, “Geet, get me a coffee”, Maan asked suddenly, Geet looked at him with a doubt but nodded and went out.

She came with the Coffee and stood there without a word, Maan saw her standing with the Coffee so still, “Geet, are you going to keep the coffee on the table and move out or stand like a statue holding the cup all day.”

Geet made a funny face and kept the coffee on the table and went out. Maan had the coffee and felt an unusual refreshment, good, he thought.


Dev was roaming around in his room when Dadi maa entered, “what Happened, Beta? Why are you so tensed?”

“I am not tensed Dadi maa, Naintara is upset with me for”, he thought not to say about Geet, “For something so I am thinking how to make her happy”

“Dev, that’s all, you would always say Naintara loved surprises, so give her a surprise dinner, she will be happy and you too will be happy” Dev hugged Dadi maa and Kissed her on the cheeks. “Best Dadi maa ever” He said and went out.


Afternoon everybody started to the hotel, when they reached the hotel, Mr. Raj was waiting to greet them, he welcomed them and took them to the pool side table where too more persons were waiting.

“Mr.Khurana, this is Mr. Ragul and Mr. Pradeep, our business Partners” he introduced.  Maan shook hands and then Maan introduced Geet, Pinky and Tasha to them as they are going to work on the project.

Mr.Raj and Mr.Pradeep said a decent hello where as Mr.Ragul was looking at the girls with his scanning eyes, which made them uncomfortable.  “Mr.Khurana, your team looks so colorful and young, I would love working with them” He said with a flirt look which Maan hated.

Mr.Raj knowing Maan’s character interrupted and started the project discussion, Mr.Raj, Mr.Pradeep and Mr.Ragul was sitting on one side and Maan, Geet, Pinky and Tasha on the other side.

Maan was explaining them their plans, but Ragul was only looking at Geet, he was getting on Maan’s temper, Geet was getting uncomfortable as he would feel Ragul eyes scanning her. She was helpless. Suddenly she felt something touching her leg, and she knew it was Ragul, He started rubbing her legs under the table.

She was shocked and caught maan’s coat sleeves which was near her and pulled it without her knowledge; she was moving her legs to get away from Ragul’s. Maan looked at her, but she was only looking down, Maan caught her hand, which was now fist holding the dupatta, she looked at him so helplessly, he sighed what happened, she looked at Ragul and looked down.

Maan fisted his hand, and when he was above to ripe that Ragul’s head, “Sir, If you could excuse us, me and Pinky will go and see about tomorrows arrangements”, Geet said and pulled Pinky. Maan nodded a yes and they went out. Now, Ragul’s look turned to Tasha, “Tasha, you too go with them”, Maan ordered her to leave, which made Ragul upset.

Pinky and Tasha went to look the party hall, while Geet was looking at the bookings and payments. “Geet”, Dev’s voice was cheerful. “What are you doing here?”

Geet explained about the Meeting and tomorrow’s party and asked what Dev was doing there; He said he came here to plan a surprise dinner for Naintara tomorrow. Geet felt happy for him.

 And Pinky came and called her and so Geet went along with pinky saying a bye to Dev.


When Maan was discussing, they heard a sound and some girls around there started shouting for Help. All the persons at the table looked around to see a girl fallen into the pool and was struggle, and her friends were yelling out for help.

Maan removed his coat, tie, shirt, and shoes and jumped in within seconds, and got the girl and was carrying her out. Everyone looked and applauded for Maan.

Geet and Pinky just then enter the scene looked shocked, Pinky ran near the pool but Geet was struck, as she saw Maan carrying the Girl in his arms all wet.  That scene resembled something, something close to her heart, Geet’s heart was beating high now; she can’t see anything other than a blur out image of something.

Geet was unable to see anything clearly, her mind was playing tricks on her, she can’t stand there, she came from the spot, walking slowly, she was unable to look straight, something was hitting her head, and she felt that her head is spinning high, a roll of images was circling around but nothing was seen clearly.

She felt, she can no longer walk, when she was above to faint, someone caught her,

“Geet, Geet”, Dev voice was screaming into her ears, “Dev sir,” was all she could say before fainting herself in his hands. He walked her to the nearby cabin holding her close.


Naintara saw Dev’s car in the parking, she thought what Dev is doing here, as he had said a while ago that he was busy with his friends at home. She parked the car and went in, and looked around to find Dev, and she saw him too.

Dev was holding Geet and was entering into a cabin. “Dev and Geet”, She was shocked and felt like killing Dev. she went to the front desk and said why Dev is here.

“Mr.Dev Singh Khurana came to book the romantic dinner for two, tomorrow night.”

She asked the time and they said at eight. “Mr.Dev Singh Khurana, Romantic Dinner ah, trying to fool Naintara, let’s see tomorrow Dev, who fools who.” She said and went out of the hotel.


Dev called the doctor and the doctor was checking her. Maan came out and saw Tasha and Pinky standing there and Geet was not there, “Pinky where is Geet?” Pinky looked around and said Geet was next to her when they came and don’t know where she went.

Maan asked her to call Geet, when Pinky called Dev was the one took the call and said what happened. “What?” Pinky yelled out and said that Geet had faint and was in the Manager’s cabin and a doctor was checking her.

“Tasha, you send off the clients”, saying this Maan rushed to the cabin and Pinky followed him,

“Geet,” Pinky went near her and asked what happened. The doctor said her BP had been dropped down, it might have been due to some mental shock, “Doctor, she is already suffering from memory loss”, Pinky explained Geet condition, while Maan and Dev was listen, they both felt sad hearing her condition.

“Hmmm, May be she had seen something related to her past then, which may have affected her, But now no problem, just give these medicines she will be ok. Please keep her out of stress, too much stress can be harmful” The doctor gave the medicine list to pinky and pinky went to get it, Maan asked Dev to go with Pinky and help her. And he sat near Geet.

When Geet opened her eyes she saw Maan sitting near her and holding her hands, and she tried to get up, “please Geet, Lay down you need some rest now,” But Geet argued she is alright, Maan then saw that he was holding her hands, and let it go.

Then Geet stood up and looked at Maan, he looked tensed, “Sorry Sir, I got some dizziness and can’t hold on…” she thought Maan was anger on her for making him come in the middle of the meeting and for not completing her work, and Geet informed him that the books and payments work is done and said she had to finalize the menu as she don’t know the menu.

Maan looked at her, who was scared and looking down and he knew what she would have thought and he remembered what doctor said, “Geet”, he called and she looked up slowly, and can’t believe her eyes, for the first time, she saw him smiling at her, and it was the gorgeous smile ever.

She felt like fainting again, “Geet, you just go home and take rest, Balance work Tasha will take care,” He said, Geet was looking at him, her big eyes wide open.

Just then Pinky and Dev returned, Pinky hugged Geet, “oye you know, how scared I was, don’t you ever do this to me ok,” she said with her childish anger. Dev offered to drop Geet in his car as she can’t travel in a Scooty right now, and then Dev took Geet away,

While leaving Geet turned to see Maan, who was looking at her, now there was no smile in his face, yet she liked his face as before. She was walking looking at his face till she got away from sight.


Dadi Maa got tensed when she heard of Geet’s condition. “Dadi Maa, please. Geet is fine now,” But Dadi Maa was worried and called her and she said she was fine and not to worry about her. And Dadi Maa asked her to come to their house tomorrow and Geet to Promise that she will come.

That night Geet sleep soon, due to the Medicine the doctor gave her.


Maan went to his Practice and again Geet filled his mind, Geet lying in the couch unconsciously, her big wide eyes looking at him so deeply, her smile, her voice. Maan completed his session, “Poor girl, I was giving her so much work forgetting about her conditions and she too was doing it without saying a no. it’s not fair that someone of her age and innocence to get such a big problem like this.” He thought and went to have a bath and had dinner alone with Dev and Dadi maa.

“Dadi maa, just now I called Pinky, she said Geet is alright and sleeping well.” Dev’s information made Maan to feel better. And then his night went well.


Morning in the Khurana’s office, Pinky and Geet was talking about today’s Party, “Geet we need to go to the shopping, and you know, you bag is filled with Punjabi suits, I am telling you, you should have been from some Punjabi state, for sure. And we need to get you some western outfits for our party today.”

“What? No, no Pinky I can’t wear those short dresses, I will feel very uncomfortable”, Geet argued but pinky said it’s rule of their Boss that everyone should present themselves in only modern dress.

Before they could chat further, Maan called Pinky and Geet and asked them to go the Venue and check the arrangements, and come back to the party directly.

So Geet and Pinky went to their cabin and got their things and while they are crossing Maan’s Cabin, he called in for Geet,

“Geet,” He was looking at a file in his hand and not her face, “How are you feeling now?” He asked still looking at the files.  “Fine, sir” she said, and he nodded without looking at her, she stood there for a minute and as Maan was not saying anything, so she walked on. And they both went to the venue.

“Pinky, I think I will not come to the Party, I can’t wear western dress nor I can face that Ragul.” Pinky said if she didn’t come to the Party then Maan sir will get anger; Geet said she will take care of it. And Pinky didn’t argue further.


They had completed their decorations before two and started home, Geet said she will go to the Khurana House to meet Dadi maa.

Dadi maa was so happy on seeing Geet, she haven’t seen her for just one day but it felt like an year, Geet got her blessings and sat near her and was talking with her for a long time. And Dev too joined them later.

Geet was still in the Khurana House when Maan came home in the evening.


Rememeber Me – A Game Of Fate


Episode 9

Geet – Maan Singh Khurana’s new Staff


It was evening when Pinky and Geet entered the Khurana house, Dadi maa and Dev was sitting in the hall, Dadi maa made geet to sit near her and asked what happened, whether Maan treated her badly.

Before Geet could say something, Pinky jumped in and said everything, including the appreciation part. “What? Bro, said that, that means you must have done a great job, I think you must have been working in some big firm before your accident,” Dev said feeling happy for Geet.

“Hmmm, first day in the office and an appreciation from Mr.Maan Singh Khurana, where is the treat, Geet?” Dev asked. Geet said she will make one immediately.

She went inside the kitchen and made kheer, and Dev, Dadi maa, Pinky and Geet had it together with some chit chats and then Geet and Pinky left.


Night when Maan came, Dadi maa and Dev were waiting for him with a kheer cup. Maan sat near Dadi maa and Dadi maa fed him the Kheer. Kheer, what special he asked? Dev said it was Geet’s treat, Maan asked why, and they said the reason.

“Bro if you had appreciated then she must have done it so perfectly, right. Why can’t you hire her in your company, I heard you were searching for an assistant anyways, so, why don’t you give her a chance.” Dev asked Maan.

But Maan refused, “Bro, give her a chance, see if she can handle, or else you can take her off” Dev said, “But Dadi maa, who will take care of her”, Maan argued,

Dadi maa said she is perfectly alright and no need anyone to take care of her and asked Maan to consider Dev’s words. Finally, Maan said he will give her the job, just for that project and later decide on about making her a permanent employee. And he asked Dev to inform her.

After Maan went upstairs, Dadi maa and Dev give a high five. And Dev called to Pinky’s house. Pinky took the Call and was jumping up hearing what Dev said, she ran to Geet who was sitting on the bed hearing songs.

“Geet, you know what, from tomorrow onwards there is no job for you at the Khurana House”

What? What did I do? Geet got tensed. And Pinky continued “But instead you will being work at the Khurana Office, with me,”

Geet can’t believe it, but why she asked, Pinky said what Dev said to her, that, Maan was impressed by her work and so he said, you will work with us in this project. Geet still can’t believe it; Maan was that impressed, wow, was she that good?

But she was scared, she was happy with Dadi maa and Dev but she don’t know whether she can handle the Office atmosphere. Pinky calmed her saying she is with her and they can talk whenever they need and have lots of food in the canteen.


It was quite long that Maan did his exercise and Martial Art Practices in the night, it always helps he to free himself from the stress, to focus more and to sleep well. He went in to his practice hall and started his session. Maan was so ferocious but he had a problem now, Again and again he could only see Geet in his mind.

He ended the session, “why am I thinking for her, maybe it’s because she did her presentation well, that why?” He answered himself and went to sleep.


Geet and Pinky got ready for the office, pinky was excited and Geet was nervous. She got the blessings of Mr.Gupta as it’s the first day in Office. And then Pinky and Geet rushed out.

“Pinky it’s my first day, Can we get some flowers for the office” Geet asked eagerly,

Pinky, who was driving her Pep, stopped it and turned around to look at Geet, “Geet, do you want to make your first day, the last one.” Geet was confused by Pinky’s question.

“Geet, Boss hate flowers, have you seen any really flowers in our office yesterday, No Na.”

“What about some sweets?” Geet asked again, and Pinky said that Maan hates sweets too.

“Ok, if not for boss, we can give to the other staff na, it will help them to accept me, as their new friend na,” Geet argued and Pinky too said ok.

When they went in, Maan haven’t came, so Geet went and gave the chocolates to all, and Pinky introduced her to all and everyone felt happy, except for Tasha, she didn’t like her, getting all the fame in this office.

When Maan entered, everyone was talking and looking at Geet giving Sweets to all; Maan looked at her childish face beaming with smile disturbing Chocolates as some school kid. He was staring at her, with his hands folded around with no smile and with his usual rough look.

Pinky saw Maan staring and dragged Geet in to cabin allotted for Geet, just next to Maan’s, “Geet, Maan sir,”

Geet got her first call from Maan and Maan called her in, she went to his cabin praying heavily,

“Geet, this is Khurana’s Office not some sweet stall, here people come to work not to share sweets and enjoy, understand,” Maan said furiously.

Geet made her baby face and said sorry and went to her cabin and felt a relief, then she started reading her work description, then Tasha came in,

“Geet, wow, you are so talented, impressed Maan sir, so quickly and got a job here, great. Wait a minute impressed or felt pity on you, knowing that you last all your memories, now look, every employees are suppose to fill an form for the job, but what can you fill, what do you know other than your name, your surname? Your birth place? Your qualification? At least your age? What to fill in. but you know, you are lucky to have a job here when hundreds of people with high qualification and rich background are longing to join here?” Tasha was so sadistically.

  Geet was totally taken aback. Tears rolling from her eyes, she stopped thinking about it all a few weeks ago and convinced herself not to think about it all, as she was happy and comfortable now with a new life. But now those questions came in to her, making her to feel the same lost girl as in the hospital when Pinky found her, and what if Pinky wasn’t there. Where would have been she, today, what would she be doing now, knowing just her name and nothing more? She questioned herself a lot, try to get some answers, her head was spinning now.

“Tasha”, Maan’s voice filled the cabin. Maan was red with anger standing at the door; Tasha was scared to death, said a sorry and went out immediately. When Maan turned around Geet was about to faint,

“Geet”, He held her before she could hit the floor and he was holding her and shaking her up. “Geet, Geet”, his was scared, it felt as his life depends on opening her eyes.

She opened her eyes, and tears were rolling down, he made her sit on the chair and gave her the water glass. He doesn’t know what to say or what to do. He called Pinky from her cabin, and as pinky came, Maan went out. Geet cried her heart out and Pinky was holding her.

Maan was watching everything from his cabin, he can’t watch her cry like this, her happy smiling face this morning came around his mind, he can’t see her like this, though she had stopped crying now, she was still upset. He called Geet into his cabin.

Geet went in, after knocking, her face was red due to the crying, “Geet, I am your boss, which makes me important, than anyone in this office.” She nodded with a confusion and don’t know what he was trying to say.

“Then why didn’t you give me the sweet, when you have given to everyone.” He asked with a false anger, Geet was totally taken back. She was speechless, she can’t understand, a few minutes ago he was scolding her for giving sweets to all and now,

“Sorry sir”, she rushed to her cabin, took the chocolate box and went in, and gave the chocolate box, Maan took the box from her and nodded once, Geet felt so happy and she forgot everything that happened and she smiled and turned to leave, when Maan start to speak,

“Geet, don’t worry about the past which is forgotten, think about your present, now you have a house, elders to bless you like Pinky’s father and Dadi maa, good friends like Pinky and Dev, and you have a job, and I would take care of you”, He stopped when Geet suddenly looked up, oh God, what did he say, “I mean, Khurana office will take care of you as it does for all its employees, so don’t think of other things and waste your time” Maan finished with a pride tone.

Geet felt like running and hugging him, this was what Pinky also said today, But the words from Maan made her feel confident and strong and most of all happy.

She smiled a big happy smile and went to her cabin, Maan could see her happy and smiling as before and it made him happy, Strange yet he felt happy.


Pinky felt like fainting hearing what Geet said, “Maan sir, asked you for the sweet himself, and he convinced you, God am I in dreamland, Geet you are one lucky girl yar, Maan sir had never done this to anyone, he gets anger seeing someone crying and for sweets, oh my god.”

Geet argued maybe Maan would have felt sorry for her, as he knew her situation and that’s why he had done like this. Geet and Pinky had their food and after that the day went well, and from afternoon, Maan was not in the office as he had gonna out to meet someone, and so after was like party time, less work and more talking.


When Maan came home, Dadi Maa was in the hall, looking at her laptop, He went and sat near her,

“Maan what’s in your hand”, Dadi maa asked, and he said that it’s the sweet box, that Geet gave him  as she had join there for the first time,

Dadi maa looked at Maan with a grin and he knew what she was thinking, “Dadi maa please, don’t imagine anything, I got it only out of a courtesy, nothing more than that.”

He said and went to his room and that day’s practice session too was disturbed by her image but not like yesterday, it only gave him more power and strength. He felt good as if he had done something good; making her smile, give him peace.

“Hmmm, poor girl, so innocent, she is nothing more than a kid, who doesn’t care of anything and smiles and plays all day. That why I felt attracted to her, her innocence and her situation right now. Why was I struggling myself to get her out of my mind,  she might look like a girl, but still she is an innocent little child, who needs someone to take care of her” He reason his feeling for her as just an mere attraction and affection to a lonely innocent girl and nothing more.


In Geet’s house it was like party, Mr.Gupta had order special food for them, they were having it with laughter and Chats, and Pinky was cursing that Tasha for making Geet cry.

Pinky and Geet went to Sleep soon that day, but she can’t sleep, she was feeling too much happiness as she thought of today’s  incident, Maan was trying to convince her, for sure Maan must have asked for the sweets just to cheer her up, “Such a sweet guy with an such a arrogant attitude”, she thought.

That night she thought of her first meeting with Maan, then his hold, and then today. “Maan sir, is only trying to help me knowing my condition, what am I thinking, Maybe Dadi maa had told him to not to scold him, he is my boss, and he is trying to be a good boss by taking care of his staff. That’s all, right. Now I too have to, prove myself as a good staff by doing my work properly.” She thought covering herself up.

Then she prayed “god, from tomorrow I will work hard and get a good name from Maan sir, Please help me with that, ok” and went to sleep.

Remember Me- A Game Of Fate


Episode 8

Geet at Khurana’s office.

Everybody was left except for a few in the Khurana House after the function, Pinky was introducing Geet to Tasha, hearing Geet’s name, Tasha felt that she had heard of this name before, but forgot where she heard. Then they decided to leave, Maan called out for Pinky and Tasha and they saw him carrying some files with him.

“Tasha, these are the details about our new project in Chandigarh, prepare a presentation for this project with the details in these files, and Pinky, you will to work with Tasha init” He said handing over the files to Tasha and went back to his room.

Tasha and Pinky was staring at each other, “hmmm, Pinky, you take this files, read it and prepare the presentation” Tasha said making Pinky shocked, “and I will present that to Boss in the meet, ok.”

“But Tasha, why should I do it, you prepare,” Pinky refused. “Ok, then I will prepare and you can present it before, Maan sir…” Tasha said with a grin.

Pinky imagined herself standing before Maan and speaking before him, with his focusing eyes only on her, and if she did something wrong, “No”, Pinky got the files from Tasha and said she will prepare it.

Then they all let the House.


Dev was searching for Naintara, but she was not there, He felt confused as she disappears from the function without even saying good bye. He decided to call her, but she was not taking the call. He tried again and again but the same response.  Finally he gave up and decided to meet her in personal tomorrow morning.

Is she really mad at me for pick up a dress for Geet, so unsecured?  The thought made him smile and went to his room.


Maan went in to his room, and saw the towel on his bed with which Geet was drying her face, “stupid girl, doesn’t she know not to put the wet towel on the bed”. He then went into the wash room and he saw her purse hanging near the mirror.

“What kind of girl is she, she kept her Dupatta on the room and carried her purse with her into the wash room, why the hell she need a purse to wash her face”. He freshened himself up and came out carrying her purse, and kept on the table.

Suddenly the phone rang inside the purse, and But Maan left it ring, why should he attend someone else call, Again the phone rang, and the third time, Maan took the purse and took the phone and looked at the collar id, it was from Pinky’s house. He picked the call and said a loud hello.

“Hello, that phone you are having is mine, I lost it somewhere, can you say where it is, and who are you speaking? Geet spoke with a sweet, requesting voice.

Maan didn’t say anything, Great, she left her phone here and she doesn’t know where she left it, such a careless girl.

“Hey, Hello, please say who are you, speak up are you trying to steal my phone, say who are you or” Geet spoke on the other end a bit bold.

“Maan Singh Khurana” he said in his anger filled voice and the phone was disconnected.


Geet hands were shivering and her heart was beating high, what have she done, she sat on the dinner chair, and stood and rushed to see Pinky. Pinky was sitting with files spread around her, looking so upset. Geet asked her what happened and pinky said that she had to prepare the presentation and she really doesn’t know how.

Geet calmed her down and said she will help her, they both can read and prepare the Presentation, “Geet you know to make presentations,” pinky beamed up, “No pinky, actually I don’t know, have you forgot that I forgot everything, but no harm in trying it, right?

So pinky and Geet started to read the files, to Geet’s surprise she can understand everything what’s written, she took a note pad and started taking the notes from the files. It took around an hour, Pinky slept as soon as they start to read, Geet took away the files from Pinky and made her to stretch out comfortably. And she took the files and Pinky’s Laptop and kept it on the table and Geet started to do the work.

It was so easily for Geet, as if she knew exactly know to make it, she took the notes, and started typing the presentation she knew which detail to put first and how to present a budget, she even created the charts and graphs. Finally she finished it and copied it on the cd and took a printed outs too and kept it in the files and she slept.


Pinky was screaming out when she saw the watch, “My Presentation, I haven’t prepared it and I have only a half an hour left now”, Tasha called and said that Boss with be in the office in one hour and asked Pinky to come with the presentation. Pinky was holding her head and looking totally upset.

“Good morning, Pinky”, Geet came with a tea cup. Pinky said this is not a good morning, as she is gonna get fired today for not making the presentation.

“Hmmm, Pinky can this make you morning, a good one.” Geet said as she handed over the presentation cd and files to Pinky. Pinky looks at the perfectly prepared files, and she checked the Cd too. She was beaming with happiness.

“Geet you did this, oh my god, Geet you saved my life today” Pinky said with a big smile and hugged Geet. “Anything for my sweet pinky, now get ready or else your boss…” Geet teased Pinky and Pinky went into the wash room, Geet went out to make their breakfast.

Both Pinky and Geet went out waving bye to Mr.Gupta.


 Dev enter Naintara’s flat, the door was opened and he went inside her bedroom. Naintara was sitting on the floor holding to the foot of her bed and the whole room was a mess. Naintara, Dev called her and picked her up from the floor and made her sit on the bed. And asked her what happened.

“Dev, you don’t love me anymore, you love that Geet don’t you, I saw yesterday how you two were, I know you will leave me” Naintara started to cry again.

“What non sense Naintara, you are upset because of me speaking to Geet, have you lost it, look her Baby, I Love you and only love you, Geet is just my friend, ok. But you are my only love trust me” Dev spoke to her holding her face.

He asked her to freshen up and come, so he would take her out for breakfast and then for a movie. Naintara finally smiled and dev went out to the kitchen to make her some coffee when Naintara was getting ready. When she came out Dev was standing with a coffee, He held her close “Now look at my gorgeous baby, will anybody think of another when someone like you is near him.” He said kissing her on the forehead.

But Naintara’s doubt was still fresh; she can’t allow any girl near Dev, Not even a friend, but she could handle her later she thought and started enjoying her time with Dev.


Maan entered the office on time and went inside his cabin, asking Tasha to make ready for the presentation in the conference hall and he will come there within 15 minutes. Pinky entered the office by then; she called out for Tasha and gave the files to Tasha.

Tasha read the files but can’t understand anything. But they moved in to the conference hall as they saw Maan moving out of his Cabin and so both of them went and loaded the Cd and kept a copy of the file on Maan place and stood near the display.

Everyone came and Maan ordered to start as Maan was looking at the file. “Sir, I am sorry, yesterday I was not feeling well, so Pinky only made the presentation all by herself, so it would be better if she presents it.” Tasha’s words made pinky to faint.

Maan looked at Pinky; he stood and went near her with the presentation file, “you did this presentation?” He asked doubtfully, she nodded a yes, without looking at him.

“Impressive, good, if you can prepare it this well, you could present it too, now start the presentation” Maan words made Pinky scared to death,

“Sir, I didn’t do it” Pinky confessed, “then who the hell did it?” Maan shouted making everyone in the room scared.

“Geet”, Maan can’t believe what he heard. “Geet?” He moved forward as if to tear Pinky into pieces. Pinky nodded a yes.

“Pinky, I will not tell you anything, so tell me who actually made it, there is no need for hiding the truth, now say me who did it.”

“Geet”, she said again, one thing that Maan can’t tolerate is a lying to him, He closed his eyes to calm him down. “Ok, call Geet now, here, immediately, then we can have the presentation”, He said and went towards his cabin.


Geet was with Dadi maa when pinky called her and said what happened, Geet felt like crying that instant.

“What happened, Geet, who called you?” Dadi maa asked seeing Geet’s face, Geet explained what happened yesterday and what pinky said now on the phone, “I think I have done something wrong in the presentation, Pinky said Maan sir is so angry, I am so scared, He wants’ me to come to the office now” Geet said in a shaky voice.

“Geet don’t worry, if you feel that scared I will too come with you,” Dadi Maa offered, But Geet refused and said she will handle. “Geet, take the car as you don’t know our office, ok” and Dadi maa said to call her if Maan scolded her so much. She said a yes and rushed to office.


Khurana office was so big; she felt so scared and asked the watchman the direction to the construction office floor she went in. Pinky was waiting for her near the lift itself, when Geet came out of the lift, Pinky gripped her and said what happened and took her to Maan’s cabin.

“Pinky you too come with me,” Geet begged put Pinky refused and asked Geet to go in confidently.

Geet Knock the door, and went in. Seeing her, Maan throw the files in front of her.

“You did it?” Maan asked with a doubtful grin.

She nodded a yes. “Are you sure?”  He asked again and again he nodded. He grinned more, “ok, Ms.Geet, as you had prepare it, you can now present it too”.

“Sir”, Geet got the shock of her life, “What? If you have prepared it then come and present it or, both you and your friend’s will get fire together.”  He was in full confident that Geet haven’t done it and somebody else has helped Pinky and for some reason they are hiding it. Now the truth has to come out. He was looking for an confession, but as Geet haven’t said anything,

“Let go” He ordered thinking how long they will drag it and he went out Geet followed him trying to speak. As Maan came out everyone else came to the conference hall and took their seat.

“But sir”, Geet was struggling for words.

“No excuses, Geet, you have pulled it on your head, say the truth or  just do the Presentation, Now” He said stressing the last word and went and sat in his chair, “lets watch the game now, it gonna be fun” He thought to himself grinning at Geet.

Pinky was looking so upset as Geet got into it because of her, “Now”, Maan ordered, Geet took a Deep breath as there is no other go and started doing the presentation seeing the file, she was doing it in a professional way, not a mistake, not a stop, as she started it the words were flowing from her in most clear and confident way.

Maan can’t believe this; it’s true that she made it. How is this possible, is this the same girl, who can’t even walk straight without falling at least twice and can’t even speak a word properly, is he dreaming. Pinky was looking at her with her mouth wide open.

Geet finished the presentation and everybody appreciated her, Tasha made a face not liking the appreciation pouring on Geet. But Maan was still wonder struck; he was still looking at her without a blink. Everyone was waiting for him to say something. Sir, Geet’s voice mad him to realize the situation, he nodded once.

That means the presentation is good and it’s over. So everyone started to leave, “Geet”, He called her; Pinky said she will wait for her in her cabin and she left Geet with Maan. He wanted to appreciate her, he is never gonna leave without appreciate someone’s good work, But Geet,

Geet went near him, and was looking at him, “Geet,” he turned to her seeing her big brown eyes staring at him, “Did you get your purse, can’t you keep you things properly?” He asked not able to tell her the actual words. She said sorry and was above to leave before he could scold her for something else.

“Geet”, He called again, “Good work, the presentation was really good. Well done” he said looking at her with a little smile and a smooth face.

Geet can’t believe it, for the first time she saw Maan with his smooth look and the slight smile on his lips, and Maan appreciated her, she felt like heaven and she smiled a big one, her eyes shining, “Thank you, sir.” She said in a childish way, and her face was glowing with happiness as she had won some great award. She left the cabin and ran to pinky to share the magical moment. After she left, Maan smiled thinking about her behavior, “why is she this happy, whatever, seeing her smile made him happy, silly girl”, he thought.

Geet spend her rest of her day in the office itself in pinky’s cabin, as she asked Dadi maa permission and promised to come in the evening. For some reason, Geet was blushing all day, think of Maan’s appreciation and having a good time in the office, helping Pinky to an extent.

Remember Me – A Game Of Fate



Episode 7

Dev’s Girlfriend

Maan after a busy day came home, Dadi maa was drinking her coffee, Maan greeted her and said he will change his dress and come and join her. Maan’s Phone rang and Maan pick the call.

“Maan sir”, the voice said cheerfully which made Maan to smile, “Adi”, he replied.

Maan sir, I am so happy to hear your voice, it seems like a decade hearing your voice, how are you doing, sir?

“Fine Adi, How are you and did you get my mail?”

“Yes sir, I am fine sir, and here the project is at its edge, will be completed soon and our clients are so happy. And they want to come with me to India to see you, sir?” Adi said cheerfully, when Maan noticed Dev jumping up and down talking in his mobile.

“Adi, I will call you soon.” He cut the call and walked towards Dev, he tapped on Dev’s shoulders, dev turned to see Maan starting at him suspiciously, he smiled and felt abit embarrassed , “bro, I am going out for dinner today,” he said with his head down,

Maan understood and said a yes, he haven’t asked anything more. Dev rushed out, and dashed on Geet, but caught her, he said a sorry and said he will meet her tomorrow and he is going out now, and hurried out,

“Good night, Dev sir,” Geet shouted from behind and felt happy for him, and looked up to see Maan, Geet walked towards him praying not to say or do anything silly, Maan to walked towards her, Geet’s heart beat was rising, as Maan didn’t look at her she thought she was saved, just the she tripped on to the carpet and again fall on the floor.

Dadi maa saw this and walked towards her to help her, just then she saw, Maan lending his hands to help her up. Dadi maa was surprised, Maan, is this really him? Till now, if someone falls on the floor before him, he would only scold them for being so careless and clumps but today,

Geet caught his hand and stood up, and Maan walked away without a word, Dadi maa seeing this felt so happy, Geet sure has some magic she thought and she wished it would be wonderful if Geet and Maan becomes life partner. “Well, no harm in trying to bring them together in love?” she thought.

It was her life time wish to see Maan getting married. Geet went to Dadi maa and said good night and went to her house.

That night went well, Maan was exhausted due to the heavy work in the office and he was happy that he heard from Adi too, he set his alarm and went to sleep.


Geet was standing near the window, cold air wiping her face, and suddenly Maan came behind her and hugged her from behind, she was breathing heavily and struggle to get free, when he press her more into him tightening his hold, “Maan” she called out and opened her eyes to see it as only a dream, pinky was still sleeping near her.

What kind of a dream is this, how could I dream of Maan sir, like this, she felt ashamed, and she already have a boyfriend, though she don’t remember him, she loved someone else. She walked to the cupboard and took the white jacket from it, it is the only reminder of him, and she took the hands of the jacket and touched it on her face and kissed the jacket and hugged it.


Maan awaked up feeling like someone just kissed him, he looked around but nothing was there, his heart was beating high, my god, Just a dream, he thought and tried to get his sleep back.


Morning was so good, Maan went to his office as early as he has to come back home soon for the Puja.

Geet got on time and started doing the work that left unfinished yesterday in the Khurana house, Dev too helped her, “Dev sir, where did you rush yesterday night, you seemed so happy”, Geet asked Dev as she served Dadi maa and Dev their Lunch,

“Ah Dev, where did you go?” Dadi maa too teased him, making Dev too blush, “Dadi maa, Please, stop it” Dev said with a smile.

“No Dev seriously, where have you gone,” Dadi maa asked in a little serious tone, “Dadi maa, Naintara had came from New York yesterday, so she called me for a dinner, and Dadi maa I had invited her for the Puja too” Dev looked shy as speaking it out.

Geet asked who Naintara is, and Dadi maa said that she is Dev’s girlfriend, Geet smiled big and asked for her photo to see, but Dev said he will introduce to her  in personal this evening, Geet was so happy.

Geet finished all the works, decorations, food arrangement and invited everyone personally and came to Dadi maa and Dev to ask their view, they both appreciated her work, “Geet, you had done a great job, this is beautiful, Now you can go home and come back in the evening for the Puja, it starts at 7.00 ok, Dev” Dadi maa signaled Dev, and Dev handed a gift pack, “It’s for you Geet, wear this for the function”.

Geet refused it but Dadi maa compelled her and Dev said he will not introduce to Naintara, if she is not wearing that dress, finally Geet got it, Dadi maa asked her to take the car, but Geet said she will go by herself as her house is nearby only.

“Dadi maa, why did you ask me to buy a dress for Geet and you seem to show her some special treatment today, what are you think?”, He looked at his Dadi maa, who was grinning, “Oh my god, are you try put this poor girl into the lions cave?” he said exactly reading Dadi maa mind, “But a good choice Dadi Maa, I will be happy if it happens”


“Geet”, Pinky rushed in to the house, and hugged Geet, “Geet, let’s get ready for the function, first we have to select the dress what we have to wear, and then have to select the matching jewels” and suddenly stopped struck “oops, Geet we forgot to go for shopping, oh my god, what will you wear today, my dress will not fit you, what will I do”, Pinky sat down so upset.

Geet convinced her and showed her gift that Dadi maa gave, Pinky eyes widened seeing the dress, and she liked it so much, “wow, Geet, it’s beautiful; you would look stunning in it.”

So Geet and Pinky had some snacks and started getting ready, when geet came out from the wash room, and she looked so beautiful, Pinky said it out loud, and teased her that all the guys would only look at her.


Maan came and went to see Dadi maa, Dadi maa asked him to get ready soon, as guests will come soon. Maan nodded and went up and had a shower freshen up and put on his favourite sherwani. And went down to see his house totally in festival mode,

“Maan, you look like a prince, no one should keep eye on my sweetheart,” He smile at her comment and hugged Dadi maa, and appreciated that she had arrange it so well, “Na na beta, Geet made all the arrangement, within two days she decorated the house, Invited everyone personally, and made food arrangements and all.” Maan smiled as Dadi maa praised her.

May be she is not that dump, he thought and look to see Geet moving towards Maan and Dadi maa, She looked stunning and Maan lost his thoughts looking at her, he felt his heart beat rising, she saw Maan and smiled abit and greeted him, He nodded and went away to see her.

Function was going on so very well, Maan was greeting all his guest but his half vision was on Geet, Don’t know why, he can’t take her eyes of her. “Bro, someone had come to see you?” Dev voice beamed and Maan turned around to see, “Naintara!”

Good evening, Maan Veer ji, how are you? She spoke in a honey filled voice and a cunning smile dancing on her lips. Her smile always said one think that she was up to no good.

Maan however does not like Naintara in person, he accept her only for Dev, Maan always felt that Naintara is after Dev’s money and not Dev. But Dev was head over heel for Naintara, Dev wanted to Marry Naintara within one year relationship, but Maan refused and asked him to wait for another five year, and as Naintara was studying collage, Maan reason his delay that he wished first she had to finish her Graduation and the post graduation. Naintara was as upset as Dev too accepted Maan’s decision.

“Good Evening,” He said and moved away when she began to say something. Naintara felt insulted, but she doesn’t care, as Maan always used to behave this way.

“Naintara, come on I have to introduce you to someone”, Dev dragged her towards Geet.

“Geet, this is Naintara, Naintara this is Geet, Dadi maa new caretaker” Naintara looked at Dev so shocked, She thought Dev is gonna introduce her to someone important, but he is introducing her to a servant, what the hell is wrong with him.

“Naintara Ji, you are so beautiful” Geet said with an innocent smile and Naintara just nodded and looked away, “Geet, you too look fabulous in this dress, I know, my selection will not go wrong” Dev said with a bright smile which made Geet blush.

Naintara got her second shock, she excused and dragged Dev away, “Dev, what is this, first you introduced me to a servant and now you are saying that you gifted her a dress, Just because she is beautiful doesn’t mean that she is important, wait a minute, did you give her the job?” Naintara poured out her anger,

Dev held Naintara’s hand, “Oh Look who is jealous, Naintara relax, I just bought the dress, Dadi maa gifted it and not me, and Bro kept her on Job, ok, relax. Now come on lets go to the prayer hall” Dev dragged her to the Prayer hall.

Dadi maa was standing there showing the puja thali to the god Geet was next to her and Maan was standing on the other side, Dev went and stood near Geet and Naintara next to him, looking at Dev who was smiling at Geet.

And then Dadi Maa gave the Puja Thali too Geet, who was standing near, Geet felt little uncomfortable but she can’t refuse Dadi maa before others, she looked at Dev who signed her to get it, she got it and performed the Puja. And gave it back to Dadi maa, and touched her feet for blessing while she got up she hit her head on the Puja Thali and the Sindur kept on the thali fell on her forehead. She said sorry, and went to wash her face.

Dadi maa felt it as a god’s sign of saying yes to her prayers; she prayed that somehow, Geet should come in to this house as a daughter-in-law.

Geet searched for a room to wash her face, but all the rooms were locked as so many people are come in today, and so for safety, they had locked all the door, she was standing in the mid of the hall.

Maan was talking on the phone when he saw Geet standing alone in the corridor and walked towards her, Geet saw Maan coming towards her, her  heart started beating fast, “runaway Geet” , her mind commanded her, but her legs were struck. He went near her, “what happened?” He asked her in his usual rough tone with no smile.

Geet said her situation, Maan nodded and went near his room and opened the door and signed her to go in. she stood there thinking whether to go in or not blinking her.

“Going in or shall I lock the door. I can’t stand here and wait simply” he tempered up. Geet then rushed and went inside, removed her dupatta and kept it on the chair and locked herself inside his washroom, after a while Maan too came in and sat on the bed, reading some Magazine.

After a few minutes, Geet came out with a towel in her hand drying her face but front of her dress too got wet as she washed her face. She then looked at Maan sitting on the bed, now she can’t go into the room with her dress wet and without her dupatta.

She got back into the washroom and knocked the door. Maan was confused, why she is knocking the washroom door from inside. He asked what?

Sir, can you please get out of this room? She asked with her sweet shaking voice, that’s it, Maan jumped up and rushed towards the wash room, “I have to get out, what the hell you think of yourself” Maan angry burned out.

“I am sorry sir, but I can’t come out before you, my dress is wet now and my dupatta is the chair.” Maan looked at the chair and saw her dupatta, stupid girl can’t do anything correct. He said he is leaving the key on the table and to lock the room when she comes out and so he left.

Geet looked out and made sure that Maan was not there, and so she came out and stood below the fan drying her dress. After a few minute when she was above to leave Dev came, and asked what she was doing here, Dadi maa is asking for her, and Geet told her story. Dev started laughing, “Geet, you said to Maan Singh Khurana to get out, wow Geet, you are so brave”, Both Dev and Geet was laughing high.

Naintara was searching for Dev as everybody was in the hall except Dev, when she came near Maan room she heard something and went to check them room, just then Dev and Geet came out of the room smiling and Geet locked the room, and both of them walked away.


 Maan was in his phone, when Geet went to him, “sir, the key” she gave him his room key, and he turned around to walk away.

“Sir”, she called and Maan stop “thank you” she said, Maan nodded without turning back and started to move.

“Sir”, she called again and Maan stop again, “Dadi maa is waiting for you in the hall” Maan again nodded without turning back and started to move.

“Sir”, she called again, Maan lost his patience and turned around to look at her, his eyes big and red and his glowing with anger.

Geet was taken aback by this look, she smiled a crazy smile, “Good night, Sir” she said and run out from there. Maan shook his head seeing her childish behavior, went to see Dadi maa.


Naintara rushed in to her flat which was gifted by Dev, throw her bag and mobile on the sofa, she could only see Dev smiling at Geet and how Dev was looking at her, what if Dev liked her and worse, what id Dev started loving her, she run into her bed room and started acting like a mad person, crying herself out, she looked at Dev’s photo on the wall.

“No, I can’t lose you Dev, I can’t lose the Khurana’s wealth, I can’t lose the fame of being Khurana house’s Daughter-in-law, no Dev, you, your house, your property, your fame, everything is mine, Just Naintara’s, I can’t let anyone double cross my desire, if they do, I won’t leave them alive. Understand Dev.” She was shouting at dev photo hanging on the wall.

Remember Me – A Fate Of Game



Episode 6

Into his arms again

Maan felt abit relaxed after the shower, he dressed up and went to see his Dadi maa. Dadi Maa and Dev were having dinner down stairs, “Bro, you came? Sorry bro, you said you will be coming late tonight so only we started our dinner, or else” Dev spoke in a tone of confession.

“It’s ok dev, no problem,” Maan to sat with them and started his dinner, “Dadi maa, how was your day”

Dadi maa smiled a big bright smile, “Bro, don’t you ask her, today na along with Geet, Dadi maa too became a teenager and was having fun, and Bro you know, how much Geet talks, I am sure bro If Geet stays her for a few more days na, Dadi maa will become like our sister”

“Dev”, Dadi maa looked at him to stop teasing her, Dev caught his ear in his left hands as if asking sorry and both Dev and Dadi maa, laughed. “Whatever Maan, Geet is so innocent, I feel so bad for her, she until now doesn’t know who her family was or anything from her past, and yet she is so confident that she would find them someday.” Dev too seconded Dadi maa words.

And they started talking their day with Geet, it was so fun filled, Dadi maa and Dev where laughing and talking much rather then eating. Maan who was watching and listening to them silently felt good, after a long time he is seeing Dev and Dadi maa happy like this.

But deep inside him he was still thinking about Geet, about the morning incident and the later, He felt her softness in his rough hand even when he thought about it; he had no heart to eat, so he excused himself from them and went to his room


As soon as Geet and Pinky entered the house, Pinky dragged her in their room, “Geet, what happened today, did Maan sir scold you or did he said anything about firing you, or” Pinky spoke too swiftly as in some hurry.

Geet held Pinky’s hands and said not to worry everything is fine and she had no trouble there, did she? Pinky let out a huge breath and nodded with a smile. When Geet was above to enter the washroom to change her dress, her phone rang.

Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh, Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai”

Geet stood still, a sudden image of Maan and the incidents with him crossed her mind, she felt a strong hand hold and crushing her waist from behind, she instantly jumped up, and turned around to see no one behind her, just pinky holding her phone and saying something sitting on their bed.

“Ah, what Pinky?”, Pinky looked up to see Geet breathing heavily, she asked what happened to her but Geet said nothing, “Pinky, can you please remove the ring tone, standard tone is enough”

Pinky argues that this song is nice but Geet denied, this song will always remind her about him. She went in and locked herself up before Pinky asks anything else.

Geet, Pinky and Mr.Gupta had their dinner, Pinky was explaining how her day was starting with Maan scolding, Pinky was saying it as if she won some first prize, that she was the one who got the first scolding from Maan in the Office. And Geet was saying about the her day with Dadi maa and Dev avoiding Maan’s part.

After dinner, Pinky was doing the dishes and Geet was arranging the plates. “Geet you haven’t said when did you meet our Boss and what did he asked you?”

It was all enough to make her think about the same thing that she wished she could forget, those big eyes, his face, and his hot breath in her ears.

“Geet, Geet,” Pinky was shouting her name, “what happened?”, Geet turned around facing the wall, “Nothing Pinky, just he met me in the morning, asked my name and said he will meet me tomorrow”

Pinky was confused, “if this is what happened, why Boss scolded me like you had done some big mistake,” Geet said that she doesn’t know the reason and went to her room.

Then she remember the incidents again, but this time she remembered his words,

“What was your name?”, “your name?” He asked again stressing his words. “Ms.Geet, we are supposed to walk looking forward not backwards, that’s why we have eyes in the front. Or did you forget that too along with your memory.” His harsh tone echoed in her mind.

Oh My god, she thought, Boss doesn’t like me, but what did I do, she thought and the answer was there, he must have thought of her a stupid girl, she remember how she was falling onto the soft, pulling him too, staring at him like never before and how she dashed on him in the evening.

As far as pinky said, Maan doesn’t like girl especially unstable, silly girls, god he must have been very angry on me, will he fire me from the job, “God, please help me this time, from the next time I will be very careful in front of him, please”


Maan was standing near his window, he recalled how he held her near him and how Geet was shocked and turned red, how she pulled herself from his hold. He felt for her, “pity girl”, he thought He had lost his memories for only two years and he can’t bear it but she lost her total past memories, how would she be feeling but she still bought happiness to his Dadi maa. 

I should have not acted like that, he thought, what if she thought that I had done it intensely, Maan knew how the girls of her age would get their fantasies if something like this happens. What if she thinks I like her, or even worse that I desire her, what if she says something to Dadi maa. No. He thought to speak with her in the morning and got into his bed, but he can’t sleep. He can’t get Geet out of his mind.


Geet came on time, and she was scared about her Boss, so she went directly to Dadi Maa’s room and Dadi maa said she is thinking of arranging a puja tomorrow, “Don’t worry Dadi maa, just say me what I had to do and I will arrange everything,” Geet said with a big smile.

Dadi maa too accepted and give her a list stating the arrangements to be made. And Geet went down stairs and called all the servants, and explained about the Puja plan.

“Vinoth and Raj kumar, you both clean and arrange the Hall. Sandeep and Dinesh will help me with the prayer hall, ok,” then she ordered Dinesh and Sandeep to bring some items from the kitchen and Geet knotted her dupatta, made herself ready to start her work, when a courier boy came and said he had a courier for Maan. Geet got the courier but she was scared to go and give that to Maan. But she has too.

Geet went to Maan’s room, and knocked the door, but no answer, she opened the door and there was no one in. thank god, she went in and decided to leave the cover there and move out silently, suddenly she heard a cracking noise, Maan came out of his washroom after a shower still wet, he had a towel around his waist and a towel in his hand drying his hair.

Geet stood still seeing Maan; she hasn’t even realized that Maan’s asking her why she is here. She was still staring at him in shock, Maan went near her and tapped her shoulders, which pulled her back to reality, “sir, I…that… I… courier… sorry sir, I…sorry” she dropped the courier on the bed and ran out and dashed her head on the door and she ran away without looking back.

“What hell were you thinking Geet?  How can you stare at your boss like that, what would he think about you? He should have been already angry on you for yesterday, and now, what have you do Geet, God please save me.” Geet was talking to herself.

Pinky’s voice echoed in her ear “Boss, Never liked the girls who would stare at him or who tries to flirt with him, he never lets any girls near him, he is so much away from the words like love, romance, girl and all”

Geet shock her head and went down to do her Puja arrangements.


A huge noise was made when Dinesh dropped the items in his hands on the puja hall entrance , the beautiful glass jars were broken into piece, Sandeep saw this and asked him to clean it immediately and then to buy the jars as same as this later. So both went in to the kitchen to bring the cleaning items.

Geet came down, removed her slippers and when she was above to enter the prayer hall, “Geet,” Maan’s voice echoed, and made Geet to form a statue, she turned around to see Maan coming down on the stairs and moving towards her.

Geet was scared and don’t know what Maan was thinking, she walked back as he moved forward, his face reviled nothing. Is he angry? Is he gonna take her from the job. Geet’s heart was beating high. She was keeping her steps backwards, Maan saw something on the floor, glass piece and he also saw Geet was bare footed, when Geet was about to keep her foot on the glass pieces.

Maan pulled her by her arms so quickly, that she lost her balance and she fell into his chest holding him, Maan held her by her shoulder and stood still without moving a bit. His heart was beating fast and Geet could hear it very clearly. She could inhale his strong cologne, and somewhere inside her she felt so complete and safe, and this bought a smile on her lips.

Maan was still holding her; it took a minute to realize what she was doing, she pulled back herself. And looked at Maan as if asking why he did it.

Maan without a word, pointed his fingers towards the glass pieces on the floor, and walked away, “Thank you” Geet spoke out seeing him leave, and Maan nodded his head without turning back.

He rushed to his room and sat on his bed. His heart was still beating high, “what’s happening to me, why did I find a urge to hugged her close when she fell on him, why didn’t I push her away, first of all, why did I pull her out, I could have just told her to stop, but why.”

He could still feel her soft hands on resting on his chest, and her hot breath again his body. Maan had never felt something like this before, he can’t accept this feeling, he felt corrupted, and he felt confused. It thought it would be a side effect he is having because of his accident. He decided to go to office to get away from this all.


He went to his office, and started his work, he checked the files, attended a meet, shouted at couple of his staffs, especially Tasha. And he got too busy with his new project designing and felt himself back as before.

Remember Me – A Game of Fate


Episode 5

Meeting Maan for the first time, again.


Dadi maa was sitting alone when Maan rushed into the room, he looked around the room searching for the new girl, but she was not there. “What are you searching for Maan?”

He said that he is searching for the new care taker, “Oh Geet” Dadi maa said with a huge smile, seeing her smile Maan confirmed that Dadi maa liked the new girl and now it’s difficult for him to take her away from the Job.

“Maan, just now she went down to bring something for me to eat. She will be neither in the kitchen nor in the hall,” Dadi Maa signed Maan to sit near her. “Maan, that girl was so nice you know, so young and innocent”

“Exactly Dadi maa,” Maan jumped up and stood with his hands on his hips. This pose means, Maan had decided something and he is firm in it.

“Dadi maa, we are not looking for a bride, young, sweet, innocent girl, we are looking for a care taker, and they had to be smart, intelligent and should have some experience”. Dadi maa got upset hearing this, she liked Geet and she needs her and no other.

“Maan beta, please understand, Geet is sweet and innocent but that doesn’t mean that she is not intelligent, and Maan you know, she lost her whole past memories in an accident, poor girl”

What? Now Maan understood why Dadi maa was so much interested in that girl, “Dadi maa, Please, is this a reason for hiring a girl, if you feel so pity on her, then we can help for her treatment and can even send for some big medical facilities, but she can’t work here. And being a patient herself,” Maan shook his head “No way Dadi maa, she is not working her, your health and safety is so important for me, I can’t take risk with it”

“Ok Maan Khurana, listen to me, I can see that you only care for my health and safety and not about my Happiness, no problem,” Maan signed and was above to defend himself, when Dadi maa Continued, “Look here Maan, if you are appointing a care taker then it’s Geet or else I don’t want anyone, I can take care of myself” she said determined,

Maan was not able to speak anything because he never did anything against his Dadi maa’s wise, He signed heavy and turned back when Dadi maa, caught his hands. “Maan beta, don’t worry, I am perfectly alright, really I don’t need a care taker, and if you are bring in some professional then I will make me feel like a patient, seeing Geet I feel so relaxed and happy, don’t know why, so I will feel happy if you didn’t fire her, Maan, after that your wish.”

Maan placed his hand on her hold and smiled, “Ok Dadi maa, if you feel happy, then ok I will not fire her.” Dadi maa thanked him and hugged him, he hugged her back.


Maan was standing upstairs, and looked down to find a girl in a salwar, with the file Maan had created about his Dadi maa. What magic did this girl do to Dadi maa, he thought looking at her who was standing around, he can’t see her face, so he went down.

Geet was still holding the file, he came down and stood behind her close enough, Geet was reading the file and haven’t felt him standing back.

‘Excuse me” he called suddenly, which made her to turn immediately and miss her balance, she caught Maan for her balance which made Maan to lost his balance and both of them fallen in to the sofa, staring at each other. Her big eye widened with shock, her look scared and the cute lips which are shivering now, she was totally lost and was looking into Maan’s big eyes and his harden manly look, he looked so heroic, Maan too was staring at her not actually knowing that he was staring.

Geet’s phone started ringing and her ring tune was a perfect match for the situation.

“Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh, Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Dil ko banade jo baatang saanse,
Yeh teri woh hawayein hai
Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh ho ho oh Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Dil ko banade jo baatang saanse,
Yeh teri woh hawayein hai

Geet’s cell finally stopped ringing but Maan and Geet was still in their dream world, still staring at each other. Maan was the one who broke the stare. Maan who was balancing himself placing his hand on the either side of the sofa carefully thinking that he should not crash Geet, who was compacted underneath him, struggled and straightened himself up. Geet was still staring at him and stood up slowly.

“What was your name?” Maan’s sudden intense voice pulled her back into really and she felt embarrassed for staring at him like that. He looked at her as she still hasn’t answered, “Your Name?” He asked again stressing his words, which made her scared and move a little back to hit a stool behind her and making the flower vase kept on it unstable, she instantly caught the vase but dropped her file, and she bend down to take the file and hit her head in the table nearby.

Maan was looking at her folding his hands, he was struck he had never seen anyone so unstable, so unbalanced like this, in his entire life. Maan hated clumsiness, he signed as he watched her finally holding her file and standing up, rubbing her forehead.

Maan wanted to fire her immediately, but he got furious as he can’t because of Dadi maa, he was cursing Pinky for bring in this girl here. He was in no mood to speak with her and so started walking away toward the door.

“Geet,” she said in a sweet, soft voice, Maan turned around to look at her, “My Name is Geet” she said looking down, avoiding his eye contact.

“Ok then Ms.Geet, I” when he was above to speak Dadi maa called for Geet. “Ok, I will see you in the evening, Now go” He told her and turned to leave. When he kept his fifth step, he heard a noise and turned back, to see Geet on the floor and Dinesh ran towards her and was trying to help her get up.

Maan turned around, and signed big closing his eyes, “This girl needs a care taker for herself, and I don’t understand how she will take care of Dadi maa.” Maan was feeling like throwing her out immediately. But he knew he can’t do anything, so he left for the office.


Khurana office was so busy from the morning, today Maan is gonna came after a long time, they were so eager to see Maan as they haven’t seen him for more than six to seven months and Dev had personally warned everyone not to ask about Maan’s health or any other thing regarding the accident. Pinky was in her desk making arrangements for the meetings and checking all files. She had everything on her desk. And she checked herself in her handy mirror, she looked great.

Though Pinky was dead scared of Maan she can’t stop falling for his hotness. Tasha was running around the office, searching for the London files, she is Adi’s assistant and as Adi is in London, she had to manage everything. Finally she found all the files; and she had read the files for more than five times still she can’t understand the figures.

“God, how did Adi sir handle these things, remembering one project details itself is too difficult, don’t know how he was remembering every details of all the projects, please god, send Adi sir back soon from London and please don’t let Maan sir ask me any questions about the account details, please, please.”

Maan walked his way into his office, everyone stood at their desk, seeing him everyone thought the same thing Maan hasn’t changed abit, and he was the same hungry lion who eyes scared everything it looks at. Pinky was the one standing in the front desk, he stopped at her desk.

“Pinky, where the hell did you find a girl like that, I am just leaving you and that girl because of Dadi maa, Or else.” Maan’s anger beamed high, Pinky was standing with her head down not having the courage to look at his face. And he walked away not waiting for her answer.

“Bring in the London files” Maan said as he entered his cabin, Tasha took the file and knocked his door and went in. Maan sensed her,

“Geet, give me those file” He said without look up.

“Geet? Sir, Tasha” she said slowly but with a great confusion. Maan, just then realized what he said, but he cover it up with his anger, he looked up with his big eyes daring, “Did you say something, Tasha?”

Tasha who was so scared by his look just nodded a No. “Good, now give me those files and send me a hot coffee, ok”

She said an ok and rushed out. After she left Maan felt so embarrassed, he had never done something like this before, what happened to him, how could a named he heard just a few minutes ago glued in his heart like this, thinking this he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes only to see those big golden eyes staring at him.

He opened his eyes immediately, “Great, now I am thinking of a girl, whom I hated so much a Half an hour ago. Truly Maan you need to see a doctor, what the hell is happening with you?”

Just then a clerk came with the coffee, he drank the coffee and felt a bit relaxed and then his mind was busy in his files and projects.


“Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh, Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai”

Geet phone began to ring, and the song made Geet to think about what happened an hour ago. She felt like an idiot for staring at Maan like that. “What would have he thought, my god.”

Then she realized that her phone was still ringing, and looked at the display it was Pinky, well who else will call her, just yesterday Pinky’s father bought her a mobile phone and the number was only with Pinky and her father. She took the call

“Geet is everything ok,” Pinky sounded worried. “What happened, Pinky, why are you worried, here everything is fine, as you said Dadi maa is so sweet, and it seems like I would have much of a work here, they already have so many workers here”

Pinky sighed thank god, “Pinky what happened, why are so tensed”

“Hmmm, nothing Geet, I will tell you when I come home. And Geet be ready by 7 I will pick you up. Ok”

Geet cut the call and went in to see Dadi maa. Geet’s day went well in Khurana house, Dadi maa and Geet enjoyed each other’s company, they saw some serials and had lunch together, Geet’s nonstop chattering was so much funnier to Dadi maa and she enjoyed it. And Dev joined them after Lunch, Dev seemed like a funny and caring guy, she felt like home.


It was almost 7.00 when Geet said Bye to Dadi maa and Dev with a big smile and rushed down, Maan just then entered the house, “Dinesh, Sandeep, I am going home, and I had kept Dadi maa Dinner and soup near the oven, please make it a bit hot before you serve her” saying this she was walking backward, and dashed into Maan.

Maan caught her by her waist in one hand so tightly, and straightened her up. Geet was totally in shock as she felt a strong her holding her waist, and was holding close to his body.

“Ms.Geet, we are supposed to walk looking forward not backwards, that’s why we have eyes in the front. Or did you forget that too along with your memory.” He said in a harsh and rough tone, straight into Geet’s ear, his hot breath blowing into her ears but Geet did not move.

“Now why are you standing here, go now, but please walk straight.” He said with the temper seeing her standing in the same position.

Geet then caught Maan hand and pulled it away from her waist, just then Maan realized he was still holding her waist in his strong hands and that’s why she haven’t moved.

Maan immediately released her and stepped back and Geet turned around with her heads down, and said a sorry still not looking at his face. Then she walked away, Maan was dumbstruck; he can’t believe what he had done now. Is this really him, he rushed to his room, dashed into his shower and stood still just feeling warm the water hitting his hot body.