Remember Me – A Game Of Fate


Episode 10:

A flicker of Flashback.


Geet was busy in her cabin, when Maan called in her; Geet went into his cabin to see Pinky and Tasha already standing there, “Geet, Pinky and Tasha, our client had called me now and said that they want to meet us in Hotel sunshine today to have an informal meeting and a lunch, and they want me to bring in the staffs working on their project.

So be ready for the afternoon, Maan ordered and asked them to leave, “one minute, as they are giving us lunch today. Let’s give them a dinner party tomorrow, at hotel sunshine, to show our gesture, so as we go there today, book the hall and also make the necessary arrangement thereby, ok,”

Three of them nodded, “Geet, get me a coffee”, Maan asked suddenly, Geet looked at him with a doubt but nodded and went out.

She came with the Coffee and stood there without a word, Maan saw her standing with the Coffee so still, “Geet, are you going to keep the coffee on the table and move out or stand like a statue holding the cup all day.”

Geet made a funny face and kept the coffee on the table and went out. Maan had the coffee and felt an unusual refreshment, good, he thought.


Dev was roaming around in his room when Dadi maa entered, “what Happened, Beta? Why are you so tensed?”

“I am not tensed Dadi maa, Naintara is upset with me for”, he thought not to say about Geet, “For something so I am thinking how to make her happy”

“Dev, that’s all, you would always say Naintara loved surprises, so give her a surprise dinner, she will be happy and you too will be happy” Dev hugged Dadi maa and Kissed her on the cheeks. “Best Dadi maa ever” He said and went out.


Afternoon everybody started to the hotel, when they reached the hotel, Mr. Raj was waiting to greet them, he welcomed them and took them to the pool side table where too more persons were waiting.

“Mr.Khurana, this is Mr. Ragul and Mr. Pradeep, our business Partners” he introduced.  Maan shook hands and then Maan introduced Geet, Pinky and Tasha to them as they are going to work on the project.

Mr.Raj and Mr.Pradeep said a decent hello where as Mr.Ragul was looking at the girls with his scanning eyes, which made them uncomfortable.  “Mr.Khurana, your team looks so colorful and young, I would love working with them” He said with a flirt look which Maan hated.

Mr.Raj knowing Maan’s character interrupted and started the project discussion, Mr.Raj, Mr.Pradeep and Mr.Ragul was sitting on one side and Maan, Geet, Pinky and Tasha on the other side.

Maan was explaining them their plans, but Ragul was only looking at Geet, he was getting on Maan’s temper, Geet was getting uncomfortable as he would feel Ragul eyes scanning her. She was helpless. Suddenly she felt something touching her leg, and she knew it was Ragul, He started rubbing her legs under the table.

She was shocked and caught maan’s coat sleeves which was near her and pulled it without her knowledge; she was moving her legs to get away from Ragul’s. Maan looked at her, but she was only looking down, Maan caught her hand, which was now fist holding the dupatta, she looked at him so helplessly, he sighed what happened, she looked at Ragul and looked down.

Maan fisted his hand, and when he was above to ripe that Ragul’s head, “Sir, If you could excuse us, me and Pinky will go and see about tomorrows arrangements”, Geet said and pulled Pinky. Maan nodded a yes and they went out. Now, Ragul’s look turned to Tasha, “Tasha, you too go with them”, Maan ordered her to leave, which made Ragul upset.

Pinky and Tasha went to look the party hall, while Geet was looking at the bookings and payments. “Geet”, Dev’s voice was cheerful. “What are you doing here?”

Geet explained about the Meeting and tomorrow’s party and asked what Dev was doing there; He said he came here to plan a surprise dinner for Naintara tomorrow. Geet felt happy for him.

 And Pinky came and called her and so Geet went along with pinky saying a bye to Dev.


When Maan was discussing, they heard a sound and some girls around there started shouting for Help. All the persons at the table looked around to see a girl fallen into the pool and was struggle, and her friends were yelling out for help.

Maan removed his coat, tie, shirt, and shoes and jumped in within seconds, and got the girl and was carrying her out. Everyone looked and applauded for Maan.

Geet and Pinky just then enter the scene looked shocked, Pinky ran near the pool but Geet was struck, as she saw Maan carrying the Girl in his arms all wet.  That scene resembled something, something close to her heart, Geet’s heart was beating high now; she can’t see anything other than a blur out image of something.

Geet was unable to see anything clearly, her mind was playing tricks on her, she can’t stand there, she came from the spot, walking slowly, she was unable to look straight, something was hitting her head, and she felt that her head is spinning high, a roll of images was circling around but nothing was seen clearly.

She felt, she can no longer walk, when she was above to faint, someone caught her,

“Geet, Geet”, Dev voice was screaming into her ears, “Dev sir,” was all she could say before fainting herself in his hands. He walked her to the nearby cabin holding her close.


Naintara saw Dev’s car in the parking, she thought what Dev is doing here, as he had said a while ago that he was busy with his friends at home. She parked the car and went in, and looked around to find Dev, and she saw him too.

Dev was holding Geet and was entering into a cabin. “Dev and Geet”, She was shocked and felt like killing Dev. she went to the front desk and said why Dev is here.

“Mr.Dev Singh Khurana came to book the romantic dinner for two, tomorrow night.”

She asked the time and they said at eight. “Mr.Dev Singh Khurana, Romantic Dinner ah, trying to fool Naintara, let’s see tomorrow Dev, who fools who.” She said and went out of the hotel.


Dev called the doctor and the doctor was checking her. Maan came out and saw Tasha and Pinky standing there and Geet was not there, “Pinky where is Geet?” Pinky looked around and said Geet was next to her when they came and don’t know where she went.

Maan asked her to call Geet, when Pinky called Dev was the one took the call and said what happened. “What?” Pinky yelled out and said that Geet had faint and was in the Manager’s cabin and a doctor was checking her.

“Tasha, you send off the clients”, saying this Maan rushed to the cabin and Pinky followed him,

“Geet,” Pinky went near her and asked what happened. The doctor said her BP had been dropped down, it might have been due to some mental shock, “Doctor, she is already suffering from memory loss”, Pinky explained Geet condition, while Maan and Dev was listen, they both felt sad hearing her condition.

“Hmmm, May be she had seen something related to her past then, which may have affected her, But now no problem, just give these medicines she will be ok. Please keep her out of stress, too much stress can be harmful” The doctor gave the medicine list to pinky and pinky went to get it, Maan asked Dev to go with Pinky and help her. And he sat near Geet.

When Geet opened her eyes she saw Maan sitting near her and holding her hands, and she tried to get up, “please Geet, Lay down you need some rest now,” But Geet argued she is alright, Maan then saw that he was holding her hands, and let it go.

Then Geet stood up and looked at Maan, he looked tensed, “Sorry Sir, I got some dizziness and can’t hold on…” she thought Maan was anger on her for making him come in the middle of the meeting and for not completing her work, and Geet informed him that the books and payments work is done and said she had to finalize the menu as she don’t know the menu.

Maan looked at her, who was scared and looking down and he knew what she would have thought and he remembered what doctor said, “Geet”, he called and she looked up slowly, and can’t believe her eyes, for the first time, she saw him smiling at her, and it was the gorgeous smile ever.

She felt like fainting again, “Geet, you just go home and take rest, Balance work Tasha will take care,” He said, Geet was looking at him, her big eyes wide open.

Just then Pinky and Dev returned, Pinky hugged Geet, “oye you know, how scared I was, don’t you ever do this to me ok,” she said with her childish anger. Dev offered to drop Geet in his car as she can’t travel in a Scooty right now, and then Dev took Geet away,

While leaving Geet turned to see Maan, who was looking at her, now there was no smile in his face, yet she liked his face as before. She was walking looking at his face till she got away from sight.


Dadi Maa got tensed when she heard of Geet’s condition. “Dadi Maa, please. Geet is fine now,” But Dadi Maa was worried and called her and she said she was fine and not to worry about her. And Dadi Maa asked her to come to their house tomorrow and Geet to Promise that she will come.

That night Geet sleep soon, due to the Medicine the doctor gave her.


Maan went to his Practice and again Geet filled his mind, Geet lying in the couch unconsciously, her big wide eyes looking at him so deeply, her smile, her voice. Maan completed his session, “Poor girl, I was giving her so much work forgetting about her conditions and she too was doing it without saying a no. it’s not fair that someone of her age and innocence to get such a big problem like this.” He thought and went to have a bath and had dinner alone with Dev and Dadi maa.

“Dadi maa, just now I called Pinky, she said Geet is alright and sleeping well.” Dev’s information made Maan to feel better. And then his night went well.


Morning in the Khurana’s office, Pinky and Geet was talking about today’s Party, “Geet we need to go to the shopping, and you know, you bag is filled with Punjabi suits, I am telling you, you should have been from some Punjabi state, for sure. And we need to get you some western outfits for our party today.”

“What? No, no Pinky I can’t wear those short dresses, I will feel very uncomfortable”, Geet argued but pinky said it’s rule of their Boss that everyone should present themselves in only modern dress.

Before they could chat further, Maan called Pinky and Geet and asked them to go the Venue and check the arrangements, and come back to the party directly.

So Geet and Pinky went to their cabin and got their things and while they are crossing Maan’s Cabin, he called in for Geet,

“Geet,” He was looking at a file in his hand and not her face, “How are you feeling now?” He asked still looking at the files.  “Fine, sir” she said, and he nodded without looking at her, she stood there for a minute and as Maan was not saying anything, so she walked on. And they both went to the venue.

“Pinky, I think I will not come to the Party, I can’t wear western dress nor I can face that Ragul.” Pinky said if she didn’t come to the Party then Maan sir will get anger; Geet said she will take care of it. And Pinky didn’t argue further.


They had completed their decorations before two and started home, Geet said she will go to the Khurana House to meet Dadi maa.

Dadi maa was so happy on seeing Geet, she haven’t seen her for just one day but it felt like an year, Geet got her blessings and sat near her and was talking with her for a long time. And Dev too joined them later.

Geet was still in the Khurana House when Maan came home in the evening.



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