Remember Me – A Game of Fate


Episode 5

Meeting Maan for the first time, again.


Dadi maa was sitting alone when Maan rushed into the room, he looked around the room searching for the new girl, but she was not there. “What are you searching for Maan?”

He said that he is searching for the new care taker, “Oh Geet” Dadi maa said with a huge smile, seeing her smile Maan confirmed that Dadi maa liked the new girl and now it’s difficult for him to take her away from the Job.

“Maan, just now she went down to bring something for me to eat. She will be neither in the kitchen nor in the hall,” Dadi Maa signed Maan to sit near her. “Maan, that girl was so nice you know, so young and innocent”

“Exactly Dadi maa,” Maan jumped up and stood with his hands on his hips. This pose means, Maan had decided something and he is firm in it.

“Dadi maa, we are not looking for a bride, young, sweet, innocent girl, we are looking for a care taker, and they had to be smart, intelligent and should have some experience”. Dadi maa got upset hearing this, she liked Geet and she needs her and no other.

“Maan beta, please understand, Geet is sweet and innocent but that doesn’t mean that she is not intelligent, and Maan you know, she lost her whole past memories in an accident, poor girl”

What? Now Maan understood why Dadi maa was so much interested in that girl, “Dadi maa, Please, is this a reason for hiring a girl, if you feel so pity on her, then we can help for her treatment and can even send for some big medical facilities, but she can’t work here. And being a patient herself,” Maan shook his head “No way Dadi maa, she is not working her, your health and safety is so important for me, I can’t take risk with it”

“Ok Maan Khurana, listen to me, I can see that you only care for my health and safety and not about my Happiness, no problem,” Maan signed and was above to defend himself, when Dadi maa Continued, “Look here Maan, if you are appointing a care taker then it’s Geet or else I don’t want anyone, I can take care of myself” she said determined,

Maan was not able to speak anything because he never did anything against his Dadi maa’s wise, He signed heavy and turned back when Dadi maa, caught his hands. “Maan beta, don’t worry, I am perfectly alright, really I don’t need a care taker, and if you are bring in some professional then I will make me feel like a patient, seeing Geet I feel so relaxed and happy, don’t know why, so I will feel happy if you didn’t fire her, Maan, after that your wish.”

Maan placed his hand on her hold and smiled, “Ok Dadi maa, if you feel happy, then ok I will not fire her.” Dadi maa thanked him and hugged him, he hugged her back.


Maan was standing upstairs, and looked down to find a girl in a salwar, with the file Maan had created about his Dadi maa. What magic did this girl do to Dadi maa, he thought looking at her who was standing around, he can’t see her face, so he went down.

Geet was still holding the file, he came down and stood behind her close enough, Geet was reading the file and haven’t felt him standing back.

‘Excuse me” he called suddenly, which made her to turn immediately and miss her balance, she caught Maan for her balance which made Maan to lost his balance and both of them fallen in to the sofa, staring at each other. Her big eye widened with shock, her look scared and the cute lips which are shivering now, she was totally lost and was looking into Maan’s big eyes and his harden manly look, he looked so heroic, Maan too was staring at her not actually knowing that he was staring.

Geet’s phone started ringing and her ring tune was a perfect match for the situation.

“Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh, Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Dil ko banade jo baatang saanse,
Yeh teri woh hawayein hai
Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh ho ho oh Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Dil ko banade jo baatang saanse,
Yeh teri woh hawayein hai

Geet’s cell finally stopped ringing but Maan and Geet was still in their dream world, still staring at each other. Maan was the one who broke the stare. Maan who was balancing himself placing his hand on the either side of the sofa carefully thinking that he should not crash Geet, who was compacted underneath him, struggled and straightened himself up. Geet was still staring at him and stood up slowly.

“What was your name?” Maan’s sudden intense voice pulled her back into really and she felt embarrassed for staring at him like that. He looked at her as she still hasn’t answered, “Your Name?” He asked again stressing his words, which made her scared and move a little back to hit a stool behind her and making the flower vase kept on it unstable, she instantly caught the vase but dropped her file, and she bend down to take the file and hit her head in the table nearby.

Maan was looking at her folding his hands, he was struck he had never seen anyone so unstable, so unbalanced like this, in his entire life. Maan hated clumsiness, he signed as he watched her finally holding her file and standing up, rubbing her forehead.

Maan wanted to fire her immediately, but he got furious as he can’t because of Dadi maa, he was cursing Pinky for bring in this girl here. He was in no mood to speak with her and so started walking away toward the door.

“Geet,” she said in a sweet, soft voice, Maan turned around to look at her, “My Name is Geet” she said looking down, avoiding his eye contact.

“Ok then Ms.Geet, I” when he was above to speak Dadi maa called for Geet. “Ok, I will see you in the evening, Now go” He told her and turned to leave. When he kept his fifth step, he heard a noise and turned back, to see Geet on the floor and Dinesh ran towards her and was trying to help her get up.

Maan turned around, and signed big closing his eyes, “This girl needs a care taker for herself, and I don’t understand how she will take care of Dadi maa.” Maan was feeling like throwing her out immediately. But he knew he can’t do anything, so he left for the office.


Khurana office was so busy from the morning, today Maan is gonna came after a long time, they were so eager to see Maan as they haven’t seen him for more than six to seven months and Dev had personally warned everyone not to ask about Maan’s health or any other thing regarding the accident. Pinky was in her desk making arrangements for the meetings and checking all files. She had everything on her desk. And she checked herself in her handy mirror, she looked great.

Though Pinky was dead scared of Maan she can’t stop falling for his hotness. Tasha was running around the office, searching for the London files, she is Adi’s assistant and as Adi is in London, she had to manage everything. Finally she found all the files; and she had read the files for more than five times still she can’t understand the figures.

“God, how did Adi sir handle these things, remembering one project details itself is too difficult, don’t know how he was remembering every details of all the projects, please god, send Adi sir back soon from London and please don’t let Maan sir ask me any questions about the account details, please, please.”

Maan walked his way into his office, everyone stood at their desk, seeing him everyone thought the same thing Maan hasn’t changed abit, and he was the same hungry lion who eyes scared everything it looks at. Pinky was the one standing in the front desk, he stopped at her desk.

“Pinky, where the hell did you find a girl like that, I am just leaving you and that girl because of Dadi maa, Or else.” Maan’s anger beamed high, Pinky was standing with her head down not having the courage to look at his face. And he walked away not waiting for her answer.

“Bring in the London files” Maan said as he entered his cabin, Tasha took the file and knocked his door and went in. Maan sensed her,

“Geet, give me those file” He said without look up.

“Geet? Sir, Tasha” she said slowly but with a great confusion. Maan, just then realized what he said, but he cover it up with his anger, he looked up with his big eyes daring, “Did you say something, Tasha?”

Tasha who was so scared by his look just nodded a No. “Good, now give me those files and send me a hot coffee, ok”

She said an ok and rushed out. After she left Maan felt so embarrassed, he had never done something like this before, what happened to him, how could a named he heard just a few minutes ago glued in his heart like this, thinking this he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes only to see those big golden eyes staring at him.

He opened his eyes immediately, “Great, now I am thinking of a girl, whom I hated so much a Half an hour ago. Truly Maan you need to see a doctor, what the hell is happening with you?”

Just then a clerk came with the coffee, he drank the coffee and felt a bit relaxed and then his mind was busy in his files and projects.


“Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh, Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai”

Geet phone began to ring, and the song made Geet to think about what happened an hour ago. She felt like an idiot for staring at Maan like that. “What would have he thought, my god.”

Then she realized that her phone was still ringing, and looked at the display it was Pinky, well who else will call her, just yesterday Pinky’s father bought her a mobile phone and the number was only with Pinky and her father. She took the call

“Geet is everything ok,” Pinky sounded worried. “What happened, Pinky, why are you worried, here everything is fine, as you said Dadi maa is so sweet, and it seems like I would have much of a work here, they already have so many workers here”

Pinky sighed thank god, “Pinky what happened, why are so tensed”

“Hmmm, nothing Geet, I will tell you when I come home. And Geet be ready by 7 I will pick you up. Ok”

Geet cut the call and went in to see Dadi maa. Geet’s day went well in Khurana house, Dadi maa and Geet enjoyed each other’s company, they saw some serials and had lunch together, Geet’s nonstop chattering was so much funnier to Dadi maa and she enjoyed it. And Dev joined them after Lunch, Dev seemed like a funny and caring guy, she felt like home.


It was almost 7.00 when Geet said Bye to Dadi maa and Dev with a big smile and rushed down, Maan just then entered the house, “Dinesh, Sandeep, I am going home, and I had kept Dadi maa Dinner and soup near the oven, please make it a bit hot before you serve her” saying this she was walking backward, and dashed into Maan.

Maan caught her by her waist in one hand so tightly, and straightened her up. Geet was totally in shock as she felt a strong her holding her waist, and was holding close to his body.

“Ms.Geet, we are supposed to walk looking forward not backwards, that’s why we have eyes in the front. Or did you forget that too along with your memory.” He said in a harsh and rough tone, straight into Geet’s ear, his hot breath blowing into her ears but Geet did not move.

“Now why are you standing here, go now, but please walk straight.” He said with the temper seeing her standing in the same position.

Geet then caught Maan hand and pulled it away from her waist, just then Maan realized he was still holding her waist in his strong hands and that’s why she haven’t moved.

Maan immediately released her and stepped back and Geet turned around with her heads down, and said a sorry still not looking at his face. Then she walked away, Maan was dumbstruck; he can’t believe what he had done now. Is this really him, he rushed to his room, dashed into his shower and stood still just feeling warm the water hitting his hot body.



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