Remember Me- A Game Of Fate


Episode 8

Geet at Khurana’s office.

Everybody was left except for a few in the Khurana House after the function, Pinky was introducing Geet to Tasha, hearing Geet’s name, Tasha felt that she had heard of this name before, but forgot where she heard. Then they decided to leave, Maan called out for Pinky and Tasha and they saw him carrying some files with him.

“Tasha, these are the details about our new project in Chandigarh, prepare a presentation for this project with the details in these files, and Pinky, you will to work with Tasha init” He said handing over the files to Tasha and went back to his room.

Tasha and Pinky was staring at each other, “hmmm, Pinky, you take this files, read it and prepare the presentation” Tasha said making Pinky shocked, “and I will present that to Boss in the meet, ok.”

“But Tasha, why should I do it, you prepare,” Pinky refused. “Ok, then I will prepare and you can present it before, Maan sir…” Tasha said with a grin.

Pinky imagined herself standing before Maan and speaking before him, with his focusing eyes only on her, and if she did something wrong, “No”, Pinky got the files from Tasha and said she will prepare it.

Then they all let the House.


Dev was searching for Naintara, but she was not there, He felt confused as she disappears from the function without even saying good bye. He decided to call her, but she was not taking the call. He tried again and again but the same response.  Finally he gave up and decided to meet her in personal tomorrow morning.

Is she really mad at me for pick up a dress for Geet, so unsecured?  The thought made him smile and went to his room.


Maan went in to his room, and saw the towel on his bed with which Geet was drying her face, “stupid girl, doesn’t she know not to put the wet towel on the bed”. He then went into the wash room and he saw her purse hanging near the mirror.

“What kind of girl is she, she kept her Dupatta on the room and carried her purse with her into the wash room, why the hell she need a purse to wash her face”. He freshened himself up and came out carrying her purse, and kept on the table.

Suddenly the phone rang inside the purse, and But Maan left it ring, why should he attend someone else call, Again the phone rang, and the third time, Maan took the purse and took the phone and looked at the collar id, it was from Pinky’s house. He picked the call and said a loud hello.

“Hello, that phone you are having is mine, I lost it somewhere, can you say where it is, and who are you speaking? Geet spoke with a sweet, requesting voice.

Maan didn’t say anything, Great, she left her phone here and she doesn’t know where she left it, such a careless girl.

“Hey, Hello, please say who are you, speak up are you trying to steal my phone, say who are you or” Geet spoke on the other end a bit bold.

“Maan Singh Khurana” he said in his anger filled voice and the phone was disconnected.


Geet hands were shivering and her heart was beating high, what have she done, she sat on the dinner chair, and stood and rushed to see Pinky. Pinky was sitting with files spread around her, looking so upset. Geet asked her what happened and pinky said that she had to prepare the presentation and she really doesn’t know how.

Geet calmed her down and said she will help her, they both can read and prepare the Presentation, “Geet you know to make presentations,” pinky beamed up, “No pinky, actually I don’t know, have you forgot that I forgot everything, but no harm in trying it, right?

So pinky and Geet started to read the files, to Geet’s surprise she can understand everything what’s written, she took a note pad and started taking the notes from the files. It took around an hour, Pinky slept as soon as they start to read, Geet took away the files from Pinky and made her to stretch out comfortably. And she took the files and Pinky’s Laptop and kept it on the table and Geet started to do the work.

It was so easily for Geet, as if she knew exactly know to make it, she took the notes, and started typing the presentation she knew which detail to put first and how to present a budget, she even created the charts and graphs. Finally she finished it and copied it on the cd and took a printed outs too and kept it in the files and she slept.


Pinky was screaming out when she saw the watch, “My Presentation, I haven’t prepared it and I have only a half an hour left now”, Tasha called and said that Boss with be in the office in one hour and asked Pinky to come with the presentation. Pinky was holding her head and looking totally upset.

“Good morning, Pinky”, Geet came with a tea cup. Pinky said this is not a good morning, as she is gonna get fired today for not making the presentation.

“Hmmm, Pinky can this make you morning, a good one.” Geet said as she handed over the presentation cd and files to Pinky. Pinky looks at the perfectly prepared files, and she checked the Cd too. She was beaming with happiness.

“Geet you did this, oh my god, Geet you saved my life today” Pinky said with a big smile and hugged Geet. “Anything for my sweet pinky, now get ready or else your boss…” Geet teased Pinky and Pinky went into the wash room, Geet went out to make their breakfast.

Both Pinky and Geet went out waving bye to Mr.Gupta.


 Dev enter Naintara’s flat, the door was opened and he went inside her bedroom. Naintara was sitting on the floor holding to the foot of her bed and the whole room was a mess. Naintara, Dev called her and picked her up from the floor and made her sit on the bed. And asked her what happened.

“Dev, you don’t love me anymore, you love that Geet don’t you, I saw yesterday how you two were, I know you will leave me” Naintara started to cry again.

“What non sense Naintara, you are upset because of me speaking to Geet, have you lost it, look her Baby, I Love you and only love you, Geet is just my friend, ok. But you are my only love trust me” Dev spoke to her holding her face.

He asked her to freshen up and come, so he would take her out for breakfast and then for a movie. Naintara finally smiled and dev went out to the kitchen to make her some coffee when Naintara was getting ready. When she came out Dev was standing with a coffee, He held her close “Now look at my gorgeous baby, will anybody think of another when someone like you is near him.” He said kissing her on the forehead.

But Naintara’s doubt was still fresh; she can’t allow any girl near Dev, Not even a friend, but she could handle her later she thought and started enjoying her time with Dev.


Maan entered the office on time and went inside his cabin, asking Tasha to make ready for the presentation in the conference hall and he will come there within 15 minutes. Pinky entered the office by then; she called out for Tasha and gave the files to Tasha.

Tasha read the files but can’t understand anything. But they moved in to the conference hall as they saw Maan moving out of his Cabin and so both of them went and loaded the Cd and kept a copy of the file on Maan place and stood near the display.

Everyone came and Maan ordered to start as Maan was looking at the file. “Sir, I am sorry, yesterday I was not feeling well, so Pinky only made the presentation all by herself, so it would be better if she presents it.” Tasha’s words made pinky to faint.

Maan looked at Pinky; he stood and went near her with the presentation file, “you did this presentation?” He asked doubtfully, she nodded a yes, without looking at him.

“Impressive, good, if you can prepare it this well, you could present it too, now start the presentation” Maan words made Pinky scared to death,

“Sir, I didn’t do it” Pinky confessed, “then who the hell did it?” Maan shouted making everyone in the room scared.

“Geet”, Maan can’t believe what he heard. “Geet?” He moved forward as if to tear Pinky into pieces. Pinky nodded a yes.

“Pinky, I will not tell you anything, so tell me who actually made it, there is no need for hiding the truth, now say me who did it.”

“Geet”, she said again, one thing that Maan can’t tolerate is a lying to him, He closed his eyes to calm him down. “Ok, call Geet now, here, immediately, then we can have the presentation”, He said and went towards his cabin.


Geet was with Dadi maa when pinky called her and said what happened, Geet felt like crying that instant.

“What happened, Geet, who called you?” Dadi maa asked seeing Geet’s face, Geet explained what happened yesterday and what pinky said now on the phone, “I think I have done something wrong in the presentation, Pinky said Maan sir is so angry, I am so scared, He wants’ me to come to the office now” Geet said in a shaky voice.

“Geet don’t worry, if you feel that scared I will too come with you,” Dadi Maa offered, But Geet refused and said she will handle. “Geet, take the car as you don’t know our office, ok” and Dadi maa said to call her if Maan scolded her so much. She said a yes and rushed to office.


Khurana office was so big; she felt so scared and asked the watchman the direction to the construction office floor she went in. Pinky was waiting for her near the lift itself, when Geet came out of the lift, Pinky gripped her and said what happened and took her to Maan’s cabin.

“Pinky you too come with me,” Geet begged put Pinky refused and asked Geet to go in confidently.

Geet Knock the door, and went in. Seeing her, Maan throw the files in front of her.

“You did it?” Maan asked with a doubtful grin.

She nodded a yes. “Are you sure?”  He asked again and again he nodded. He grinned more, “ok, Ms.Geet, as you had prepare it, you can now present it too”.

“Sir”, Geet got the shock of her life, “What? If you have prepared it then come and present it or, both you and your friend’s will get fire together.”  He was in full confident that Geet haven’t done it and somebody else has helped Pinky and for some reason they are hiding it. Now the truth has to come out. He was looking for an confession, but as Geet haven’t said anything,

“Let go” He ordered thinking how long they will drag it and he went out Geet followed him trying to speak. As Maan came out everyone else came to the conference hall and took their seat.

“But sir”, Geet was struggling for words.

“No excuses, Geet, you have pulled it on your head, say the truth or  just do the Presentation, Now” He said stressing the last word and went and sat in his chair, “lets watch the game now, it gonna be fun” He thought to himself grinning at Geet.

Pinky was looking so upset as Geet got into it because of her, “Now”, Maan ordered, Geet took a Deep breath as there is no other go and started doing the presentation seeing the file, she was doing it in a professional way, not a mistake, not a stop, as she started it the words were flowing from her in most clear and confident way.

Maan can’t believe this; it’s true that she made it. How is this possible, is this the same girl, who can’t even walk straight without falling at least twice and can’t even speak a word properly, is he dreaming. Pinky was looking at her with her mouth wide open.

Geet finished the presentation and everybody appreciated her, Tasha made a face not liking the appreciation pouring on Geet. But Maan was still wonder struck; he was still looking at her without a blink. Everyone was waiting for him to say something. Sir, Geet’s voice mad him to realize the situation, he nodded once.

That means the presentation is good and it’s over. So everyone started to leave, “Geet”, He called her; Pinky said she will wait for her in her cabin and she left Geet with Maan. He wanted to appreciate her, he is never gonna leave without appreciate someone’s good work, But Geet,

Geet went near him, and was looking at him, “Geet,” he turned to her seeing her big brown eyes staring at him, “Did you get your purse, can’t you keep you things properly?” He asked not able to tell her the actual words. She said sorry and was above to leave before he could scold her for something else.

“Geet”, He called again, “Good work, the presentation was really good. Well done” he said looking at her with a little smile and a smooth face.

Geet can’t believe it, for the first time she saw Maan with his smooth look and the slight smile on his lips, and Maan appreciated her, she felt like heaven and she smiled a big one, her eyes shining, “Thank you, sir.” She said in a childish way, and her face was glowing with happiness as she had won some great award. She left the cabin and ran to pinky to share the magical moment. After she left, Maan smiled thinking about her behavior, “why is she this happy, whatever, seeing her smile made him happy, silly girl”, he thought.

Geet spend her rest of her day in the office itself in pinky’s cabin, as she asked Dadi maa permission and promised to come in the evening. For some reason, Geet was blushing all day, think of Maan’s appreciation and having a good time in the office, helping Pinky to an extent.


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