Remember Me – A Fate Of Game



Episode 6

Into his arms again

Maan felt abit relaxed after the shower, he dressed up and went to see his Dadi maa. Dadi Maa and Dev were having dinner down stairs, “Bro, you came? Sorry bro, you said you will be coming late tonight so only we started our dinner, or else” Dev spoke in a tone of confession.

“It’s ok dev, no problem,” Maan to sat with them and started his dinner, “Dadi maa, how was your day”

Dadi maa smiled a big bright smile, “Bro, don’t you ask her, today na along with Geet, Dadi maa too became a teenager and was having fun, and Bro you know, how much Geet talks, I am sure bro If Geet stays her for a few more days na, Dadi maa will become like our sister”

“Dev”, Dadi maa looked at him to stop teasing her, Dev caught his ear in his left hands as if asking sorry and both Dev and Dadi maa, laughed. “Whatever Maan, Geet is so innocent, I feel so bad for her, she until now doesn’t know who her family was or anything from her past, and yet she is so confident that she would find them someday.” Dev too seconded Dadi maa words.

And they started talking their day with Geet, it was so fun filled, Dadi maa and Dev where laughing and talking much rather then eating. Maan who was watching and listening to them silently felt good, after a long time he is seeing Dev and Dadi maa happy like this.

But deep inside him he was still thinking about Geet, about the morning incident and the later, He felt her softness in his rough hand even when he thought about it; he had no heart to eat, so he excused himself from them and went to his room


As soon as Geet and Pinky entered the house, Pinky dragged her in their room, “Geet, what happened today, did Maan sir scold you or did he said anything about firing you, or” Pinky spoke too swiftly as in some hurry.

Geet held Pinky’s hands and said not to worry everything is fine and she had no trouble there, did she? Pinky let out a huge breath and nodded with a smile. When Geet was above to enter the washroom to change her dress, her phone rang.

Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai
Oh, Aanhko mein teri ajab ajab si aadayein hai”

Geet stood still, a sudden image of Maan and the incidents with him crossed her mind, she felt a strong hand hold and crushing her waist from behind, she instantly jumped up, and turned around to see no one behind her, just pinky holding her phone and saying something sitting on their bed.

“Ah, what Pinky?”, Pinky looked up to see Geet breathing heavily, she asked what happened to her but Geet said nothing, “Pinky, can you please remove the ring tone, standard tone is enough”

Pinky argues that this song is nice but Geet denied, this song will always remind her about him. She went in and locked herself up before Pinky asks anything else.

Geet, Pinky and Mr.Gupta had their dinner, Pinky was explaining how her day was starting with Maan scolding, Pinky was saying it as if she won some first prize, that she was the one who got the first scolding from Maan in the Office. And Geet was saying about the her day with Dadi maa and Dev avoiding Maan’s part.

After dinner, Pinky was doing the dishes and Geet was arranging the plates. “Geet you haven’t said when did you meet our Boss and what did he asked you?”

It was all enough to make her think about the same thing that she wished she could forget, those big eyes, his face, and his hot breath in her ears.

“Geet, Geet,” Pinky was shouting her name, “what happened?”, Geet turned around facing the wall, “Nothing Pinky, just he met me in the morning, asked my name and said he will meet me tomorrow”

Pinky was confused, “if this is what happened, why Boss scolded me like you had done some big mistake,” Geet said that she doesn’t know the reason and went to her room.

Then she remember the incidents again, but this time she remembered his words,

“What was your name?”, “your name?” He asked again stressing his words. “Ms.Geet, we are supposed to walk looking forward not backwards, that’s why we have eyes in the front. Or did you forget that too along with your memory.” His harsh tone echoed in her mind.

Oh My god, she thought, Boss doesn’t like me, but what did I do, she thought and the answer was there, he must have thought of her a stupid girl, she remember how she was falling onto the soft, pulling him too, staring at him like never before and how she dashed on him in the evening.

As far as pinky said, Maan doesn’t like girl especially unstable, silly girls, god he must have been very angry on me, will he fire me from the job, “God, please help me this time, from the next time I will be very careful in front of him, please”


Maan was standing near his window, he recalled how he held her near him and how Geet was shocked and turned red, how she pulled herself from his hold. He felt for her, “pity girl”, he thought He had lost his memories for only two years and he can’t bear it but she lost her total past memories, how would she be feeling but she still bought happiness to his Dadi maa. 

I should have not acted like that, he thought, what if she thought that I had done it intensely, Maan knew how the girls of her age would get their fantasies if something like this happens. What if she thinks I like her, or even worse that I desire her, what if she says something to Dadi maa. No. He thought to speak with her in the morning and got into his bed, but he can’t sleep. He can’t get Geet out of his mind.


Geet came on time, and she was scared about her Boss, so she went directly to Dadi Maa’s room and Dadi maa said she is thinking of arranging a puja tomorrow, “Don’t worry Dadi maa, just say me what I had to do and I will arrange everything,” Geet said with a big smile.

Dadi maa too accepted and give her a list stating the arrangements to be made. And Geet went down stairs and called all the servants, and explained about the Puja plan.

“Vinoth and Raj kumar, you both clean and arrange the Hall. Sandeep and Dinesh will help me with the prayer hall, ok,” then she ordered Dinesh and Sandeep to bring some items from the kitchen and Geet knotted her dupatta, made herself ready to start her work, when a courier boy came and said he had a courier for Maan. Geet got the courier but she was scared to go and give that to Maan. But she has too.

Geet went to Maan’s room, and knocked the door, but no answer, she opened the door and there was no one in. thank god, she went in and decided to leave the cover there and move out silently, suddenly she heard a cracking noise, Maan came out of his washroom after a shower still wet, he had a towel around his waist and a towel in his hand drying his hair.

Geet stood still seeing Maan; she hasn’t even realized that Maan’s asking her why she is here. She was still staring at him in shock, Maan went near her and tapped her shoulders, which pulled her back to reality, “sir, I…that… I… courier… sorry sir, I…sorry” she dropped the courier on the bed and ran out and dashed her head on the door and she ran away without looking back.

“What hell were you thinking Geet?  How can you stare at your boss like that, what would he think about you? He should have been already angry on you for yesterday, and now, what have you do Geet, God please save me.” Geet was talking to herself.

Pinky’s voice echoed in her ear “Boss, Never liked the girls who would stare at him or who tries to flirt with him, he never lets any girls near him, he is so much away from the words like love, romance, girl and all”

Geet shock her head and went down to do her Puja arrangements.


A huge noise was made when Dinesh dropped the items in his hands on the puja hall entrance , the beautiful glass jars were broken into piece, Sandeep saw this and asked him to clean it immediately and then to buy the jars as same as this later. So both went in to the kitchen to bring the cleaning items.

Geet came down, removed her slippers and when she was above to enter the prayer hall, “Geet,” Maan’s voice echoed, and made Geet to form a statue, she turned around to see Maan coming down on the stairs and moving towards her.

Geet was scared and don’t know what Maan was thinking, she walked back as he moved forward, his face reviled nothing. Is he angry? Is he gonna take her from the job. Geet’s heart was beating high. She was keeping her steps backwards, Maan saw something on the floor, glass piece and he also saw Geet was bare footed, when Geet was about to keep her foot on the glass pieces.

Maan pulled her by her arms so quickly, that she lost her balance and she fell into his chest holding him, Maan held her by her shoulder and stood still without moving a bit. His heart was beating fast and Geet could hear it very clearly. She could inhale his strong cologne, and somewhere inside her she felt so complete and safe, and this bought a smile on her lips.

Maan was still holding her; it took a minute to realize what she was doing, she pulled back herself. And looked at Maan as if asking why he did it.

Maan without a word, pointed his fingers towards the glass pieces on the floor, and walked away, “Thank you” Geet spoke out seeing him leave, and Maan nodded his head without turning back.

He rushed to his room and sat on his bed. His heart was still beating high, “what’s happening to me, why did I find a urge to hugged her close when she fell on him, why didn’t I push her away, first of all, why did I pull her out, I could have just told her to stop, but why.”

He could still feel her soft hands on resting on his chest, and her hot breath again his body. Maan had never felt something like this before, he can’t accept this feeling, he felt corrupted, and he felt confused. It thought it would be a side effect he is having because of his accident. He decided to go to office to get away from this all.


He went to his office, and started his work, he checked the files, attended a meet, shouted at couple of his staffs, especially Tasha. And he got too busy with his new project designing and felt himself back as before.


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