Rememeber Me – A Game Of Fate


Episode 9

Geet – Maan Singh Khurana’s new Staff


It was evening when Pinky and Geet entered the Khurana house, Dadi maa and Dev was sitting in the hall, Dadi maa made geet to sit near her and asked what happened, whether Maan treated her badly.

Before Geet could say something, Pinky jumped in and said everything, including the appreciation part. “What? Bro, said that, that means you must have done a great job, I think you must have been working in some big firm before your accident,” Dev said feeling happy for Geet.

“Hmmm, first day in the office and an appreciation from Mr.Maan Singh Khurana, where is the treat, Geet?” Dev asked. Geet said she will make one immediately.

She went inside the kitchen and made kheer, and Dev, Dadi maa, Pinky and Geet had it together with some chit chats and then Geet and Pinky left.


Night when Maan came, Dadi maa and Dev were waiting for him with a kheer cup. Maan sat near Dadi maa and Dadi maa fed him the Kheer. Kheer, what special he asked? Dev said it was Geet’s treat, Maan asked why, and they said the reason.

“Bro if you had appreciated then she must have done it so perfectly, right. Why can’t you hire her in your company, I heard you were searching for an assistant anyways, so, why don’t you give her a chance.” Dev asked Maan.

But Maan refused, “Bro, give her a chance, see if she can handle, or else you can take her off” Dev said, “But Dadi maa, who will take care of her”, Maan argued,

Dadi maa said she is perfectly alright and no need anyone to take care of her and asked Maan to consider Dev’s words. Finally, Maan said he will give her the job, just for that project and later decide on about making her a permanent employee. And he asked Dev to inform her.

After Maan went upstairs, Dadi maa and Dev give a high five. And Dev called to Pinky’s house. Pinky took the Call and was jumping up hearing what Dev said, she ran to Geet who was sitting on the bed hearing songs.

“Geet, you know what, from tomorrow onwards there is no job for you at the Khurana House”

What? What did I do? Geet got tensed. And Pinky continued “But instead you will being work at the Khurana Office, with me,”

Geet can’t believe it, but why she asked, Pinky said what Dev said to her, that, Maan was impressed by her work and so he said, you will work with us in this project. Geet still can’t believe it; Maan was that impressed, wow, was she that good?

But she was scared, she was happy with Dadi maa and Dev but she don’t know whether she can handle the Office atmosphere. Pinky calmed her saying she is with her and they can talk whenever they need and have lots of food in the canteen.


It was quite long that Maan did his exercise and Martial Art Practices in the night, it always helps he to free himself from the stress, to focus more and to sleep well. He went in to his practice hall and started his session. Maan was so ferocious but he had a problem now, Again and again he could only see Geet in his mind.

He ended the session, “why am I thinking for her, maybe it’s because she did her presentation well, that why?” He answered himself and went to sleep.


Geet and Pinky got ready for the office, pinky was excited and Geet was nervous. She got the blessings of Mr.Gupta as it’s the first day in Office. And then Pinky and Geet rushed out.

“Pinky it’s my first day, Can we get some flowers for the office” Geet asked eagerly,

Pinky, who was driving her Pep, stopped it and turned around to look at Geet, “Geet, do you want to make your first day, the last one.” Geet was confused by Pinky’s question.

“Geet, Boss hate flowers, have you seen any really flowers in our office yesterday, No Na.”

“What about some sweets?” Geet asked again, and Pinky said that Maan hates sweets too.

“Ok, if not for boss, we can give to the other staff na, it will help them to accept me, as their new friend na,” Geet argued and Pinky too said ok.

When they went in, Maan haven’t came, so Geet went and gave the chocolates to all, and Pinky introduced her to all and everyone felt happy, except for Tasha, she didn’t like her, getting all the fame in this office.

When Maan entered, everyone was talking and looking at Geet giving Sweets to all; Maan looked at her childish face beaming with smile disturbing Chocolates as some school kid. He was staring at her, with his hands folded around with no smile and with his usual rough look.

Pinky saw Maan staring and dragged Geet in to cabin allotted for Geet, just next to Maan’s, “Geet, Maan sir,”

Geet got her first call from Maan and Maan called her in, she went to his cabin praying heavily,

“Geet, this is Khurana’s Office not some sweet stall, here people come to work not to share sweets and enjoy, understand,” Maan said furiously.

Geet made her baby face and said sorry and went to her cabin and felt a relief, then she started reading her work description, then Tasha came in,

“Geet, wow, you are so talented, impressed Maan sir, so quickly and got a job here, great. Wait a minute impressed or felt pity on you, knowing that you last all your memories, now look, every employees are suppose to fill an form for the job, but what can you fill, what do you know other than your name, your surname? Your birth place? Your qualification? At least your age? What to fill in. but you know, you are lucky to have a job here when hundreds of people with high qualification and rich background are longing to join here?” Tasha was so sadistically.

  Geet was totally taken aback. Tears rolling from her eyes, she stopped thinking about it all a few weeks ago and convinced herself not to think about it all, as she was happy and comfortable now with a new life. But now those questions came in to her, making her to feel the same lost girl as in the hospital when Pinky found her, and what if Pinky wasn’t there. Where would have been she, today, what would she be doing now, knowing just her name and nothing more? She questioned herself a lot, try to get some answers, her head was spinning now.

“Tasha”, Maan’s voice filled the cabin. Maan was red with anger standing at the door; Tasha was scared to death, said a sorry and went out immediately. When Maan turned around Geet was about to faint,

“Geet”, He held her before she could hit the floor and he was holding her and shaking her up. “Geet, Geet”, his was scared, it felt as his life depends on opening her eyes.

She opened her eyes, and tears were rolling down, he made her sit on the chair and gave her the water glass. He doesn’t know what to say or what to do. He called Pinky from her cabin, and as pinky came, Maan went out. Geet cried her heart out and Pinky was holding her.

Maan was watching everything from his cabin, he can’t watch her cry like this, her happy smiling face this morning came around his mind, he can’t see her like this, though she had stopped crying now, she was still upset. He called Geet into his cabin.

Geet went in, after knocking, her face was red due to the crying, “Geet, I am your boss, which makes me important, than anyone in this office.” She nodded with a confusion and don’t know what he was trying to say.

“Then why didn’t you give me the sweet, when you have given to everyone.” He asked with a false anger, Geet was totally taken back. She was speechless, she can’t understand, a few minutes ago he was scolding her for giving sweets to all and now,

“Sorry sir”, she rushed to her cabin, took the chocolate box and went in, and gave the chocolate box, Maan took the box from her and nodded once, Geet felt so happy and she forgot everything that happened and she smiled and turned to leave, when Maan start to speak,

“Geet, don’t worry about the past which is forgotten, think about your present, now you have a house, elders to bless you like Pinky’s father and Dadi maa, good friends like Pinky and Dev, and you have a job, and I would take care of you”, He stopped when Geet suddenly looked up, oh God, what did he say, “I mean, Khurana office will take care of you as it does for all its employees, so don’t think of other things and waste your time” Maan finished with a pride tone.

Geet felt like running and hugging him, this was what Pinky also said today, But the words from Maan made her feel confident and strong and most of all happy.

She smiled a big happy smile and went to her cabin, Maan could see her happy and smiling as before and it made him happy, Strange yet he felt happy.


Pinky felt like fainting hearing what Geet said, “Maan sir, asked you for the sweet himself, and he convinced you, God am I in dreamland, Geet you are one lucky girl yar, Maan sir had never done this to anyone, he gets anger seeing someone crying and for sweets, oh my god.”

Geet argued maybe Maan would have felt sorry for her, as he knew her situation and that’s why he had done like this. Geet and Pinky had their food and after that the day went well, and from afternoon, Maan was not in the office as he had gonna out to meet someone, and so after was like party time, less work and more talking.


When Maan came home, Dadi Maa was in the hall, looking at her laptop, He went and sat near her,

“Maan what’s in your hand”, Dadi maa asked, and he said that it’s the sweet box, that Geet gave him  as she had join there for the first time,

Dadi maa looked at Maan with a grin and he knew what she was thinking, “Dadi maa please, don’t imagine anything, I got it only out of a courtesy, nothing more than that.”

He said and went to his room and that day’s practice session too was disturbed by her image but not like yesterday, it only gave him more power and strength. He felt good as if he had done something good; making her smile, give him peace.

“Hmmm, poor girl, so innocent, she is nothing more than a kid, who doesn’t care of anything and smiles and plays all day. That why I felt attracted to her, her innocence and her situation right now. Why was I struggling myself to get her out of my mind,  she might look like a girl, but still she is an innocent little child, who needs someone to take care of her” He reason his feeling for her as just an mere attraction and affection to a lonely innocent girl and nothing more.


In Geet’s house it was like party, Mr.Gupta had order special food for them, they were having it with laughter and Chats, and Pinky was cursing that Tasha for making Geet cry.

Pinky and Geet went to Sleep soon that day, but she can’t sleep, she was feeling too much happiness as she thought of today’s  incident, Maan was trying to convince her, for sure Maan must have asked for the sweets just to cheer her up, “Such a sweet guy with an such a arrogant attitude”, she thought.

That night she thought of her first meeting with Maan, then his hold, and then today. “Maan sir, is only trying to help me knowing my condition, what am I thinking, Maybe Dadi maa had told him to not to scold him, he is my boss, and he is trying to be a good boss by taking care of his staff. That’s all, right. Now I too have to, prove myself as a good staff by doing my work properly.” She thought covering herself up.

Then she prayed “god, from tomorrow I will work hard and get a good name from Maan sir, Please help me with that, ok” and went to sleep.


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