Remember Me – A Game Of Fate



Episode 7

Dev’s Girlfriend

Maan after a busy day came home, Dadi maa was drinking her coffee, Maan greeted her and said he will change his dress and come and join her. Maan’s Phone rang and Maan pick the call.

“Maan sir”, the voice said cheerfully which made Maan to smile, “Adi”, he replied.

Maan sir, I am so happy to hear your voice, it seems like a decade hearing your voice, how are you doing, sir?

“Fine Adi, How are you and did you get my mail?”

“Yes sir, I am fine sir, and here the project is at its edge, will be completed soon and our clients are so happy. And they want to come with me to India to see you, sir?” Adi said cheerfully, when Maan noticed Dev jumping up and down talking in his mobile.

“Adi, I will call you soon.” He cut the call and walked towards Dev, he tapped on Dev’s shoulders, dev turned to see Maan starting at him suspiciously, he smiled and felt abit embarrassed , “bro, I am going out for dinner today,” he said with his head down,

Maan understood and said a yes, he haven’t asked anything more. Dev rushed out, and dashed on Geet, but caught her, he said a sorry and said he will meet her tomorrow and he is going out now, and hurried out,

“Good night, Dev sir,” Geet shouted from behind and felt happy for him, and looked up to see Maan, Geet walked towards him praying not to say or do anything silly, Maan to walked towards her, Geet’s heart beat was rising, as Maan didn’t look at her she thought she was saved, just the she tripped on to the carpet and again fall on the floor.

Dadi maa saw this and walked towards her to help her, just then she saw, Maan lending his hands to help her up. Dadi maa was surprised, Maan, is this really him? Till now, if someone falls on the floor before him, he would only scold them for being so careless and clumps but today,

Geet caught his hand and stood up, and Maan walked away without a word, Dadi maa seeing this felt so happy, Geet sure has some magic she thought and she wished it would be wonderful if Geet and Maan becomes life partner. “Well, no harm in trying to bring them together in love?” she thought.

It was her life time wish to see Maan getting married. Geet went to Dadi maa and said good night and went to her house.

That night went well, Maan was exhausted due to the heavy work in the office and he was happy that he heard from Adi too, he set his alarm and went to sleep.


Geet was standing near the window, cold air wiping her face, and suddenly Maan came behind her and hugged her from behind, she was breathing heavily and struggle to get free, when he press her more into him tightening his hold, “Maan” she called out and opened her eyes to see it as only a dream, pinky was still sleeping near her.

What kind of a dream is this, how could I dream of Maan sir, like this, she felt ashamed, and she already have a boyfriend, though she don’t remember him, she loved someone else. She walked to the cupboard and took the white jacket from it, it is the only reminder of him, and she took the hands of the jacket and touched it on her face and kissed the jacket and hugged it.


Maan awaked up feeling like someone just kissed him, he looked around but nothing was there, his heart was beating high, my god, Just a dream, he thought and tried to get his sleep back.


Morning was so good, Maan went to his office as early as he has to come back home soon for the Puja.

Geet got on time and started doing the work that left unfinished yesterday in the Khurana house, Dev too helped her, “Dev sir, where did you rush yesterday night, you seemed so happy”, Geet asked Dev as she served Dadi maa and Dev their Lunch,

“Ah Dev, where did you go?” Dadi maa too teased him, making Dev too blush, “Dadi maa, Please, stop it” Dev said with a smile.

“No Dev seriously, where have you gone,” Dadi maa asked in a little serious tone, “Dadi maa, Naintara had came from New York yesterday, so she called me for a dinner, and Dadi maa I had invited her for the Puja too” Dev looked shy as speaking it out.

Geet asked who Naintara is, and Dadi maa said that she is Dev’s girlfriend, Geet smiled big and asked for her photo to see, but Dev said he will introduce to her  in personal this evening, Geet was so happy.

Geet finished all the works, decorations, food arrangement and invited everyone personally and came to Dadi maa and Dev to ask their view, they both appreciated her work, “Geet, you had done a great job, this is beautiful, Now you can go home and come back in the evening for the Puja, it starts at 7.00 ok, Dev” Dadi maa signaled Dev, and Dev handed a gift pack, “It’s for you Geet, wear this for the function”.

Geet refused it but Dadi maa compelled her and Dev said he will not introduce to Naintara, if she is not wearing that dress, finally Geet got it, Dadi maa asked her to take the car, but Geet said she will go by herself as her house is nearby only.

“Dadi maa, why did you ask me to buy a dress for Geet and you seem to show her some special treatment today, what are you think?”, He looked at his Dadi maa, who was grinning, “Oh my god, are you try put this poor girl into the lions cave?” he said exactly reading Dadi maa mind, “But a good choice Dadi Maa, I will be happy if it happens”


“Geet”, Pinky rushed in to the house, and hugged Geet, “Geet, let’s get ready for the function, first we have to select the dress what we have to wear, and then have to select the matching jewels” and suddenly stopped struck “oops, Geet we forgot to go for shopping, oh my god, what will you wear today, my dress will not fit you, what will I do”, Pinky sat down so upset.

Geet convinced her and showed her gift that Dadi maa gave, Pinky eyes widened seeing the dress, and she liked it so much, “wow, Geet, it’s beautiful; you would look stunning in it.”

So Geet and Pinky had some snacks and started getting ready, when geet came out from the wash room, and she looked so beautiful, Pinky said it out loud, and teased her that all the guys would only look at her.


Maan came and went to see Dadi maa, Dadi maa asked him to get ready soon, as guests will come soon. Maan nodded and went up and had a shower freshen up and put on his favourite sherwani. And went down to see his house totally in festival mode,

“Maan, you look like a prince, no one should keep eye on my sweetheart,” He smile at her comment and hugged Dadi maa, and appreciated that she had arrange it so well, “Na na beta, Geet made all the arrangement, within two days she decorated the house, Invited everyone personally, and made food arrangements and all.” Maan smiled as Dadi maa praised her.

May be she is not that dump, he thought and look to see Geet moving towards Maan and Dadi maa, She looked stunning and Maan lost his thoughts looking at her, he felt his heart beat rising, she saw Maan and smiled abit and greeted him, He nodded and went away to see her.

Function was going on so very well, Maan was greeting all his guest but his half vision was on Geet, Don’t know why, he can’t take her eyes of her. “Bro, someone had come to see you?” Dev voice beamed and Maan turned around to see, “Naintara!”

Good evening, Maan Veer ji, how are you? She spoke in a honey filled voice and a cunning smile dancing on her lips. Her smile always said one think that she was up to no good.

Maan however does not like Naintara in person, he accept her only for Dev, Maan always felt that Naintara is after Dev’s money and not Dev. But Dev was head over heel for Naintara, Dev wanted to Marry Naintara within one year relationship, but Maan refused and asked him to wait for another five year, and as Naintara was studying collage, Maan reason his delay that he wished first she had to finish her Graduation and the post graduation. Naintara was as upset as Dev too accepted Maan’s decision.

“Good Evening,” He said and moved away when she began to say something. Naintara felt insulted, but she doesn’t care, as Maan always used to behave this way.

“Naintara, come on I have to introduce you to someone”, Dev dragged her towards Geet.

“Geet, this is Naintara, Naintara this is Geet, Dadi maa new caretaker” Naintara looked at Dev so shocked, She thought Dev is gonna introduce her to someone important, but he is introducing her to a servant, what the hell is wrong with him.

“Naintara Ji, you are so beautiful” Geet said with an innocent smile and Naintara just nodded and looked away, “Geet, you too look fabulous in this dress, I know, my selection will not go wrong” Dev said with a bright smile which made Geet blush.

Naintara got her second shock, she excused and dragged Dev away, “Dev, what is this, first you introduced me to a servant and now you are saying that you gifted her a dress, Just because she is beautiful doesn’t mean that she is important, wait a minute, did you give her the job?” Naintara poured out her anger,

Dev held Naintara’s hand, “Oh Look who is jealous, Naintara relax, I just bought the dress, Dadi maa gifted it and not me, and Bro kept her on Job, ok, relax. Now come on lets go to the prayer hall” Dev dragged her to the Prayer hall.

Dadi maa was standing there showing the puja thali to the god Geet was next to her and Maan was standing on the other side, Dev went and stood near Geet and Naintara next to him, looking at Dev who was smiling at Geet.

And then Dadi Maa gave the Puja Thali too Geet, who was standing near, Geet felt little uncomfortable but she can’t refuse Dadi maa before others, she looked at Dev who signed her to get it, she got it and performed the Puja. And gave it back to Dadi maa, and touched her feet for blessing while she got up she hit her head on the Puja Thali and the Sindur kept on the thali fell on her forehead. She said sorry, and went to wash her face.

Dadi maa felt it as a god’s sign of saying yes to her prayers; she prayed that somehow, Geet should come in to this house as a daughter-in-law.

Geet searched for a room to wash her face, but all the rooms were locked as so many people are come in today, and so for safety, they had locked all the door, she was standing in the mid of the hall.

Maan was talking on the phone when he saw Geet standing alone in the corridor and walked towards her, Geet saw Maan coming towards her, her  heart started beating fast, “runaway Geet” , her mind commanded her, but her legs were struck. He went near her, “what happened?” He asked her in his usual rough tone with no smile.

Geet said her situation, Maan nodded and went near his room and opened the door and signed her to go in. she stood there thinking whether to go in or not blinking her.

“Going in or shall I lock the door. I can’t stand here and wait simply” he tempered up. Geet then rushed and went inside, removed her dupatta and kept it on the chair and locked herself inside his washroom, after a while Maan too came in and sat on the bed, reading some Magazine.

After a few minutes, Geet came out with a towel in her hand drying her face but front of her dress too got wet as she washed her face. She then looked at Maan sitting on the bed, now she can’t go into the room with her dress wet and without her dupatta.

She got back into the washroom and knocked the door. Maan was confused, why she is knocking the washroom door from inside. He asked what?

Sir, can you please get out of this room? She asked with her sweet shaking voice, that’s it, Maan jumped up and rushed towards the wash room, “I have to get out, what the hell you think of yourself” Maan angry burned out.

“I am sorry sir, but I can’t come out before you, my dress is wet now and my dupatta is the chair.” Maan looked at the chair and saw her dupatta, stupid girl can’t do anything correct. He said he is leaving the key on the table and to lock the room when she comes out and so he left.

Geet looked out and made sure that Maan was not there, and so she came out and stood below the fan drying her dress. After a few minute when she was above to leave Dev came, and asked what she was doing here, Dadi maa is asking for her, and Geet told her story. Dev started laughing, “Geet, you said to Maan Singh Khurana to get out, wow Geet, you are so brave”, Both Dev and Geet was laughing high.

Naintara was searching for Dev as everybody was in the hall except Dev, when she came near Maan room she heard something and went to check them room, just then Dev and Geet came out of the room smiling and Geet locked the room, and both of them walked away.


 Maan was in his phone, when Geet went to him, “sir, the key” she gave him his room key, and he turned around to walk away.

“Sir”, she called and Maan stop “thank you” she said, Maan nodded without turning back and started to move.

“Sir”, she called again and Maan stop again, “Dadi maa is waiting for you in the hall” Maan again nodded without turning back and started to move.

“Sir”, she called again, Maan lost his patience and turned around to look at her, his eyes big and red and his glowing with anger.

Geet was taken aback by this look, she smiled a crazy smile, “Good night, Sir” she said and run out from there. Maan shook his head seeing her childish behavior, went to see Dadi maa.


Naintara rushed in to her flat which was gifted by Dev, throw her bag and mobile on the sofa, she could only see Dev smiling at Geet and how Dev was looking at her, what if Dev liked her and worse, what id Dev started loving her, she run into her bed room and started acting like a mad person, crying herself out, she looked at Dev’s photo on the wall.

“No, I can’t lose you Dev, I can’t lose the Khurana’s wealth, I can’t lose the fame of being Khurana house’s Daughter-in-law, no Dev, you, your house, your property, your fame, everything is mine, Just Naintara’s, I can’t let anyone double cross my desire, if they do, I won’t leave them alive. Understand Dev.” She was shouting at dev photo hanging on the wall.


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