Remember me – A Game Of Fate


Episode 4:

In His Zone

Maan felt tired due to the trip, he felt the need for a hot shower, he started to change and when he removed his vest, the dupatta dropped down which he had hidden in his vest. He took the cloth and was looking at it thinking to himself why he had brought this dupatta with him.

“Maan you lost your mind, you are feeling connected to a cloth, you are turning crazy,” His mind warned him. But his heart felt happy holding this. He shook his head and folded the dupatta and kept in his cupboard under his shirt. And went to have a hot shower, he stood in the shower, the hot water running down his body but his mind was still in Manali, he haven’t got any information there, all the employee’s worked in this projects were temporary, no other go, now he has to wait for Adi.

And he don’t like waiting, he got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around his waist, the first thing he did was mailing Adi to send him all the details about the project and said nothing about the accident. Maan knows very well how much Adi loved and cared for him, he will not stay there for a minute if he knows about the accident. Maan too liked Adi, he was more than a mere employee but Maan often shouts and shows his anger only on Adi, the thought made him smile.

Maan turned off the windows and went to see his Dadi maa.


Geet was sitting in her room, thinking about her Manali trip and unpacking her bag, she found the white jacket and she held it tight, “ I had a boyfriend and I had loved him so much and he was caring and loving as per the old lady’s view, but where is he now, why haven’t he came in search of me, did I do something wrong so he left me or did he,” she was too scared to think of it, “ No”, her heart screamed, she run in to the hall.

Pinky was saying everything that happened in Manali and was warning her father not to say anything about her boyfriend’s death. “Uncle, did you see anyone with me during the day of the accident, I mean a guy,” she was hoping a no.

“No dear, you were only traveling alone” Mr.Gupta’s words made Geet relaxed, he is alright she thought but why haven’t he came in search of me, Geet felt confused and felt like crying.

“Geet, whatever happened, had happened, think that everything is only for good, start a new life, think that you are just born now, don’t worry or think about anything dear, keep your faith in god, leave everything in his hands,” Geet was unable to stop her tears, Mr.Gupta Hugged her, “Geet from today, I have two daughters Pinky and you, this is your house and we are your family, so don’t worry dear” His words made her cry more though she felt happy for this new relation.

Pinky who was crying seeing this, wiped her tears up “Enough of crying, Geet, I am feeling hungry, Dad did you cook anything for us, I am so hungry” Both Geet and Mr.Gupta smiled seeing Pinky, and went into dining hall. After lunch Pinky was saying about her school and college life and about her office, about her hot boss, his cool brother and their sweet Dadi maa and also about Adi who she loved so much. It went even beyond dinner.

After a long conversation they finally went to sleep. It was beyond midnight, Geet was sleeping near Pinky, she looked at her sleep so deeply, but Geet can’t sleep there were so many questions, but she decided to leave everything in the hands of fate, Now she have a family and they loved her but what next. She still can’t stop think about her boy friend.

She stood near her window looking into the moon; she thought “who are you? Why haven’t you come for me? Don’t you love me? Did you forget about me? But why?”


It was freezing and Maan was lying on his back, when he felt someone caressing his hair and his face, he felt heat spreading in his body. Soft lips kissed his forehead, his eyes, and then he was waiting for those lips on his lips. And he was burning now, but nothing happened, which made him frustrate and he opened his eyes and he sat up.

The room was dark; he was sitting all along in his bed and was sweating high. He was dreaming, He jumped from the bed, it was a dream, he never had these kinds of dreams before, and it was strange. He never touched a girl, nor even thought of, then why this dream.

Maan can’t have any sleep after that, the soft touch and sweet kiss was so fresh in his mind and he liked thinking about it, though he hated to think. He felt his brain had damage more than he thought it had, first the dupatta and now this dream, he felt like going to the doctor in the morning, and sat staring at the dark room.


Pinky was sleeping when her phone rang, Geet came from the hall hearing the sound and took her cell phone to looking at the display, it showed “BOSS”. As Pinky said so much about her boss’s anger and temper yesterday, Geet shook pinky, “Pinky, wake up, your boss is calling”

Boss, pinky jumped from her sleep sudden feeling so fresh, she took the call with shaking hands, Boss, calling in the morning means only one thing, problem.

“Pinky, what the hell where you doing, not attending my call, did you do the job I gave you?” Maan voice made her shiver, “What job, sir?”

“To find a care taker, to look after Dadi maa. Did you find someone or not” His temper was rising up and pinky could see his big, anger, red eyes before him.

“Yes sir, I did” she spoke out before she could think.

“Good, bring her today to my house and introduce to everyone and from today she will be salaried, ok”, He cut the call as usual before pinky could answer.

Pinky sat there not knowing what to do, Maan is gonna kill her, first for lying to him and second for not doing her job. She felt like screaming,

Seeing Pinky upset Geet asked her what made her upset and pinky said her story, “Geet, I am sure Boss is gonna kill me, god, where will I find a care taker within hours, though they need no qualification but can’t send someone there, we need a trust worthy person, if only Adi sir was here, now how will help me, god save me” pinky was jumping up and down.

Geet got an idea hearing pinky, “Pinky, can I joining there as a care taker,” Pinky looked at Geet shocked, “Pinky, don’t worry, I am ok and I can’t stay here simply na, please Pinky, can I get the job, and more over you will be saved from your Boss,” Geet pleaded, and Geet knew thought Pinky and Her dad doesn’t need her to work and she knew they not that rich, they family was running on pinky’s salary, she can’t sit and let them take care of her, she want to help them, to share their burden, after all she is their family.

Pinky had no other way, and she finally said yes, “Geet don’t worry about me, if you don’t like the job, you can come back, ok,” Geet hugged Pinky and smiled at her success


Geet and pinky was standing before the door of the Khurana Mansion, Geet felt like entering into an Palace either than a house, Pinky as her to wait in the hall when she go and meet Dev and Dadi maa first. She haven’t entered yet, when an employee of the house, came and enquired about her, when Geet was above to say something.

“Dinesh”, an anger dominant voice echoed the place, the employee started shivering, “oh my god, forgot about sir’s coffee, I am dead but I have to give this suitcase to dev sir too” he looked worried.

Geet offered him help that she will take this suitcase to dev as she was going to meet him, Dinesh smiled and thanked Geet and run towards the kitchen, Geet felt her heart beating rising seeing the Khurana Mansion. “God please be with me, I am gonna start a new life, please be with me and help me” She prayed and kept her first step into the Khurana house; she felt completeness and stood in the hall waiting for pinky.

Pinky standing on the stairs waved Geet to come up. Pinky had already explained Geet’s situation to Dadi maa and Dev, which made a soft corner on their hearts about Geet. Geet entered Dadi maa room, she smiled nervously at Dadi maa and Dev. Pinky introduced Dadi maa and Dev. “Good morning, madam, and good morning, sir.” She greets them.

“Geet, you can call me Dadi maa, actually everyone calls like that only and I too liked it” Dadi maa said with a smile, Dadi maa liked Geet immediately and thanked pinky for bringing a sweet girl as her care taker. Geet was overwhelmed by Dadi maa love, smiled a big sweet smile.

“Hmmm, looks like Dadi maa likes you, Geet. And hi, I am dev.” Then he noticed the suitcase on Geet’s hand. Following his look Geet remembered the suitcase in her hand. She said what happened in the hall.

“Thank you Geet, I will take it.” He said get it from Geet and smiled a bright smile, Geet like Dev he was so sweet and gentle, which made her think what kind of a guy did she loved.


Maan got ready to his office when Dev bought his suitcase that he took to Manali. Maan asked Dev whether he is coming to the Office with him, as pinky will bring a new care taker anytime.

“Bro, the girl had already came, she is with Dadi maa only,” Dev said, Maan then asked Dev for her details. But dev had only one Information that she is Pinky’s friend.

“Pinky’s friend?  That means a young girl that means Pinky haven’t searched for anyone, she simple bought her friend, stupid girl, and you accepted her without asking any details” Maan felt anger to the core, “Dev we need someone to take care of Dadi maa, someone experienced, this is not a game, We don’t want that girl, I will arrange one myself”

“But Bro, she looks like a nice girl and Dadi maa too like her” Maan looked at Dev, and said he will find that for himself after seeing and interviewing the girl himself. And walked towards dadi maa’s room. Dev felt pity for Geet; Poor girl will not stand his brother’s anger.

Pinky gave her contract papers to sign and gave a file containing full details about Dadi maa food habits, medicine details; her likes and dislikes everything which was created by Maan himself for the care taker. And Pinky bided goodbye to Geet and said she will come and pick her up in the evening.

Geet was looking at the files, “Geet you can read right, Pinky said,” “Yes, Dadi maa I can read, but it’s just that I don’t know where I got the education from,” Geet said with a dull voice. “Geet don’t worry, everything will be fine.” She smiled a bright smile.

Maan was walking towards Dadi maa’s room, thinking that he will interview that girl, only to reject her, she has no place in Khurana’s.


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