Remember Me – A Game of Fate



Episode 11

Party Time At Khurana’s.

Part 1

“Geet”, Maan voice echoed in the Khurana’s house, Geet stood immediately but bit brave as Dadi maa and Dev was there, “What are you doing here, go home and get ready, the party is starting at seven and you have to been in early to check the arrangement. So just go now.”

“Sir, I won’t come to the party,” Geet said with a shaky voice, what? Maan looked at her confused as well as Dadi maa and Dev.

“But why?” Maan asked angry glowing out of him.

“Mr.Ragul will be there,” Geet said with a low voice making a baby face.

“Geet, Mr.Ragul is our client and so he will be there and why do you worry about him, as if you will be alone,” Maan reasoned still in anger.

“Ah Geet, bro will be there na, when Maan Singh Khurana is there why should his employees get scared, Bro, will take care of….. Of the situation” Dev made a comment with a grin.

Maan looked at him with his big eyes burning with anger. “Now go get ready,” He ordered.

“No sir, in the party’s, staff wear only western dress” Geet spoke again

“So?” Maan said like he would blast out in any minute.

“I don’t have any western outfits” she answered

“So what? Do I have to buy you one?” Maan Jumped at her.

“No sir, I feel uncomfortable with it so…” Geet was struggling now.

“Geet it’s companies rules. I can’t change it.” Maan said stubbornly.

“But Sir,” Geet started her speech when Maan cut her off, “If you can’t come today, then don’t you ever come to the Khurana office again.” Maan said finally with his hands folded around his chest.

 Geet looked shocked with this kind of angriness and felt like crying.

“Maan, what is this, I didn’t except this from you, this means everybody in Khurana company has to do what you say, whether they like it or not, not fair beta, we are suppose to consider our employees feeling too.” Dadi Maa argued him.

“But Dadi maa, the rules”, Maan started.

“No buts’ Maan, and hell with your rules, we created the rules and that means we can change it too, Geet you are going to the party and you can wear a Saree or any dress you are comfortable with ok.” Dadi maa Said in a firm tone.

“Now go Geet, Go and Get ready”, Dadi maa said and so Geet went to her house.

Dadi maa, held Maan’s hands and made him to sit near her, “Maan I know you don’t like me to interfere in your Office rules but Maan, think about geet, just now she is trying to start an new life and yesterday you knew what happened, so please beta, consider this as a special situation”. Just then Maan remembered Geet crying in the office, and fainting there and Geet fainted in the hotel, thinking that Maan nodded and went in to get ready.

Geet searched her bag to find something to wear for the party. She found a white Saree, for no reason she loved the Saree, she touched it and instantly decided to wear it. Pinky gave her the matching jewels.

Tasha called pinky to come to the venue to check on the final details, pinky was ready already but Geet was not. Geet asked pinky to go and she will come there by herself. Pinky said ok and moved on.

Geet got ready and went out to get the taxi and was not able to find one.


“Dev,” Maan was shouting and Dev rushed to him, “Dev where is my white Jacket? can’t find it anywhere.” He shouted.

“Bro relax, maybe Dadi maa had given it to dry wash or something, bro, you do one thing, and wear my White jacket, as I don’t wear it anyways.” Maan said ok and Dev bought his white Jacket and gave it to Maan and Maan and Dev both got ready.


Geet was standing there for more than 30 minutes and was unable to find any taxi; she knew Maan will kill her if she goes late. Just then a car came and stopped in front of her making her jump.

Dev got down from the car and apologized for scaring her, and said that he will drop her as he too is going towards the same hotel for arranging surprise dinner for Naintara.

“You know Geet, I thought some angel had come down, seeing you with the white Saree standing alone at night, under the street light.” Dev teased, Geet blushed, “please, Dev sir”. Dev said he was just kidding and said Maan favourite color too is white.


When Geet came into the hotel it was ten minutes more than seven, she was so tensed and Dev convinced her and asked her to go soon and join the crowd, Maan will not say anything before the clients and after that if he says something then she can always have Dadi maa’s help.

Naintara who was already waiting for Dev to capture Dev with Geet, saw Dev coming with Geet, when she was above to go and ripe them both, Geet rushed in the opposite direction while Dev entered the Dinning alone, why is Geet going in the opposite way, Naintara thought, and went in to check on Dev.


Maan was Roaming like a furious lion when he came to know Geet haven’t come, after all the concession and pampering from Dadi maa she haven’t came yet. Everybody was asking about her and especially that Ragul. He was burning with anger, “when she comes before my eyes I am gonna burn her like hell.” Maan said to himself.

Geet, Pinky said in a low voice and Maan turned around with his big eyes reddened. But everything change when he saw her in her white Saree, she was looking like an angel. The Blue light decorations, her shining Saree and her glowing Eyes, mesmerized Maan. Maan’s mind stopped working and

Tasha was looking at Maan, to scolded Geet for coming in Saree and all others were looking at Geet, seeing her beauty without a blink. Pinky rushed to Geet and stood by her. “Pinky why is everyone staring at me?” Geet asked and pinky said as Geet is the only one in Saree all others are staring and nothing more.

“Geet, are you stupid? Don’t you know the rules, you are not supposed to wear Saree for Office Party” Tasha scrolled out. “Tasha, Geet knew the rules and also got Maan sir’s Permission to wear a Saree.” Pinky answered her for Geet.

Tasha was unable to believe it. But Maan was still starting at her when Ragul spoke breaking his stare, “wow, Geet you look fabulous, oh, Hi again, so nice to see you again” He gave his hand for a shake hand, Geet looked at Maan, who was looking at her with his big eyes, and gave her hand to Ragul.

Ragul was pressing her hand rather than a shake. Geet pulled her hands out and stood away from him, but he was looking at her from top to bottom, Maan can’t stand that, so he went near her, “Geet, you said you don’t feel comfortable here know, so you can go home now.  I am giving you the permission to go now, you don’t need to stay here” Maan said shocking Geet to the core.

“No sir, I can manage” she said but it was not about her now, it was about Maan, he can’t stand the way Ragul is looking at her. He told her to go, again and Geet said no. Maan left her as he can’t reason her why he wants her to leave. And went towards Raj and his Partner but was eyeing only Geet.

Dev was arranging the tables with red roses when Naintara enter, she saw her Name written with roses on the wall, “Naintara what? How did you know? Dev said surprised of her visit there, “Oh god, you spoiled me surprise, never mind, as you came, let start the dinner now, Music please,” Dev was cheerful.

“Dev, you did this for me,” Naintara asked with confusion, “but you came with Geet”.

Geet? Dev started laughing, and said geet came here for the office party and so Dev was just dropping her in. Naintara asked what Geet is doing in Office party, and Dev explained how Maan got impressed by Geet’s work and gave her a job.

Naintara knew Maan don’t like her but he likes Geet now, and Dadi maa too likes her, and If Dev says he too likes Geet, and then they will all decide to put Geet with Dev and pull Naintara out. The thought scared Naintara and she thought that she had to do a planning now something now, then she start to enjoy her dinner with Dev.



Episode 11

Party Time At Khurana’s.

Part 2

Everyone was called to the dance floor, and everyone chosen their partners, many asked Geet but she said no, when someone asked Pinky, Geet asked her to go and said she is ok alone. Maan as usual standing near the bar with his cocktail in his hand stood looking at Geet,

Maan would always withdraw himself when it comes to dance in the party, as it always caused a chaos, between the girls there, and even made them fight, to get their chance with Maan.

Ragul went to Geet and asked her to dance with him, but she refused, “Oh, come on Geet, it’s not a good gesture to turn down someone with no reason as you have no partner with you” Ragul compiled and Geet felt trapped.

“Excuse me,” Maan interfered and lead his hand out to Geet, and nodded his head with a smile, Geet with no second thoughts gave her hand to him. Ragul felt annoyed and kicked the floor and went away.

Maan took her to the center of the dance floor. Lights went off, he left her hand and took his jacket off and gave it to a waiter there and turned to Geet who was looking with her eyes wide open. The spot light was immediately on Maan, as it’s a rare moment. He took her left hand and kept it on his left shoulder and put his left hand around her waist and took her right hand in his right, and started to move slightly without looking at Geet. Geet could feel his left hand resting on her bare skin right side of her waist and his face was so close to her’s, his lips still having that slight smile.

Now Geet knew why every girl on the planet dies to fall in to Maan arms, how someone could be so beautiful like this, she was looking at him, with her face showing her happiness to be in his hands. Maan turned around to see Geet smiling and staring at him, Maan felt something towards Geet which he never felt before, the first song got over and the next song played.

Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe ab batao –2

Todh do khud ko tum
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein –2

Maan pressed his hands on her waist making her shiver and pulled herself closed, Maan stepped with her as per the song,

She looked up and he held her right hand and twisted her around and slide her down, holding her head in one hand and balancing himself with the other hand on the air and he lifted her slowly and turned her around and slide his left hand around her tummy and held her right hand in his right and pressed her into him more which made her shiver and rest herself on Maan’s shoulder and rotated around and waved their moves.

Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe ab batao –2

Todh do khud ko tum
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein –2

Aaaaa.. aaa..

Geet was like a puppet in Maan’s hands, she was totally lost into his strong hands, into his sweet aroma and into his handsome face. Maan was acting like he is programmed for it. He held both her hands and left her up in the air, Geet was fully supported by Maan body and was balancing just in his hand, he rounded twice and then slide her down, Geet could feel her body dragging down on his.

He held her close for minute and looked at her face which was burning with heat, and when Geet looked at him, he turned her to his back and held her face and moving in a wave, but Geet could not take her eyes on Maan, then he pulled her in front and they were looking at each other, Maan felt something for her inside him and push her close and then pushed her away, and kneeled down holding his hands out to her.

Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao –2

Tere zajbaaton mein mehki si saason mein
Yeh jo mehek Sandali si hai
Dil ki panahon mein bekhri si aahon mein
Sone ki khwasish jagi si hai
Chehre se chehra chupao
Sene ki dhadkan suno
Dekhlo khud ko tum
Annkhon mein meri
Annkhon mein meri
Annkhon mein meri
Annkhon mein

Maan held his hand out and Geet got it and circled around him and fall into his arms from behind and Maan was holding her and He lifted her up and turned her around and lifted her in his arms are rotated twice and dropped her down and pulled her close and holding her by her waist with both his arms and he pressed it hard and lifted her up again in the air and rotated twice again and slide her down balancing her body on his own.

And was holding her close, both of them looking at each other, the music was stopped but still they were staring, they body was burning with heat due to the passionate dance and there mind was not working. Maan then gained her scene and took his hands from Geet waist and Geet was still holding him, he pulled himself from her, but she was still looking at him.

And the lights were on and everyone applauded, which made Geet to scene, what have she done, Pinky was shocked and was looking with her mouth opened and everyone was looking at them with astonishment.  Maan got his jacket and went near the bar, when Ragul approached Geet, “Sorry Ms.Geet, I don’t know that you are already taken by Mr.Khurana himself, No wonder he has fall for this beauty,” He said with a disgusting look.

Geet felt her tears on her cheeks and looked at Maan, who was looking at her from the Bar counter, the run out of the hall, “Geet”, Maan ran behind her.


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