Remember me – A Game Of fate




Episode 5

Meeting Maan for the first time, again.

Maan watched her from upstairs, she was looking at the files he can’t see her face, so he came down and stood behind her close enough, Geet was reading the file and haven’t felt him standing back.

He recalled her name “Geet”, he shouted her name into her ear, which made her to turn suddenly and miss her balance, she caught Maan for her balance which made Maan to lost his balance and both of them fallen in to the sofa, staring at each other.


Remember me – A Game Of Fate


Episode 4:

In His Zone

Maan felt tired due to the trip, he felt the need for a hot shower, he started to change and when he removed his vest, the dupatta dropped down which he had hidden in his vest. He took the cloth and was looking at it thinking to himself why he had brought this dupatta with him.

“Maan you lost your mind, you are feeling connected to a cloth, you are turning crazy,” His mind warned him. But his heart felt happy holding this. He shook his head and folded the dupatta and kept in his cupboard under his shirt. And went to have a hot shower, he stood in the shower, the hot water running down his body but his mind was still in Manali, he haven’t got any information there, all the employee’s worked in this projects were temporary, no other go, now he has to wait for Adi.

And he don’t like waiting, he got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around his waist, the first thing he did was mailing Adi to send him all the details about the project and said nothing about the accident. Maan knows very well how much Adi loved and cared for him, he will not stay there for a minute if he knows about the accident. Maan too liked Adi, he was more than a mere employee but Maan often shouts and shows his anger only on Adi, the thought made him smile.

Maan turned off the windows and went to see his Dadi maa.


Geet was sitting in her room, thinking about her Manali trip and unpacking her bag, she found the white jacket and she held it tight, “ I had a boyfriend and I had loved him so much and he was caring and loving as per the old lady’s view, but where is he now, why haven’t he came in search of me, did I do something wrong so he left me or did he,” she was too scared to think of it, “ No”, her heart screamed, she run in to the hall.

Pinky was saying everything that happened in Manali and was warning her father not to say anything about her boyfriend’s death. “Uncle, did you see anyone with me during the day of the accident, I mean a guy,” she was hoping a no.

“No dear, you were only traveling alone” Mr.Gupta’s words made Geet relaxed, he is alright she thought but why haven’t he came in search of me, Geet felt confused and felt like crying.

“Geet, whatever happened, had happened, think that everything is only for good, start a new life, think that you are just born now, don’t worry or think about anything dear, keep your faith in god, leave everything in his hands,” Geet was unable to stop her tears, Mr.Gupta Hugged her, “Geet from today, I have two daughters Pinky and you, this is your house and we are your family, so don’t worry dear” His words made her cry more though she felt happy for this new relation.

Pinky who was crying seeing this, wiped her tears up “Enough of crying, Geet, I am feeling hungry, Dad did you cook anything for us, I am so hungry” Both Geet and Mr.Gupta smiled seeing Pinky, and went into dining hall. After lunch Pinky was saying about her school and college life and about her office, about her hot boss, his cool brother and their sweet Dadi maa and also about Adi who she loved so much. It went even beyond dinner.

After a long conversation they finally went to sleep. It was beyond midnight, Geet was sleeping near Pinky, she looked at her sleep so deeply, but Geet can’t sleep there were so many questions, but she decided to leave everything in the hands of fate, Now she have a family and they loved her but what next. She still can’t stop think about her boy friend.

She stood near her window looking into the moon; she thought “who are you? Why haven’t you come for me? Don’t you love me? Did you forget about me? But why?”


It was freezing and Maan was lying on his back, when he felt someone caressing his hair and his face, he felt heat spreading in his body. Soft lips kissed his forehead, his eyes, and then he was waiting for those lips on his lips. And he was burning now, but nothing happened, which made him frustrate and he opened his eyes and he sat up.

The room was dark; he was sitting all along in his bed and was sweating high. He was dreaming, He jumped from the bed, it was a dream, he never had these kinds of dreams before, and it was strange. He never touched a girl, nor even thought of, then why this dream.

Maan can’t have any sleep after that, the soft touch and sweet kiss was so fresh in his mind and he liked thinking about it, though he hated to think. He felt his brain had damage more than he thought it had, first the dupatta and now this dream, he felt like going to the doctor in the morning, and sat staring at the dark room.


Pinky was sleeping when her phone rang, Geet came from the hall hearing the sound and took her cell phone to looking at the display, it showed “BOSS”. As Pinky said so much about her boss’s anger and temper yesterday, Geet shook pinky, “Pinky, wake up, your boss is calling”

Boss, pinky jumped from her sleep sudden feeling so fresh, she took the call with shaking hands, Boss, calling in the morning means only one thing, problem.

“Pinky, what the hell where you doing, not attending my call, did you do the job I gave you?” Maan voice made her shiver, “What job, sir?”

“To find a care taker, to look after Dadi maa. Did you find someone or not” His temper was rising up and pinky could see his big, anger, red eyes before him.

“Yes sir, I did” she spoke out before she could think.

“Good, bring her today to my house and introduce to everyone and from today she will be salaried, ok”, He cut the call as usual before pinky could answer.

Pinky sat there not knowing what to do, Maan is gonna kill her, first for lying to him and second for not doing her job. She felt like screaming,

Seeing Pinky upset Geet asked her what made her upset and pinky said her story, “Geet, I am sure Boss is gonna kill me, god, where will I find a care taker within hours, though they need no qualification but can’t send someone there, we need a trust worthy person, if only Adi sir was here, now how will help me, god save me” pinky was jumping up and down.

Geet got an idea hearing pinky, “Pinky, can I joining there as a care taker,” Pinky looked at Geet shocked, “Pinky, don’t worry, I am ok and I can’t stay here simply na, please Pinky, can I get the job, and more over you will be saved from your Boss,” Geet pleaded, and Geet knew thought Pinky and Her dad doesn’t need her to work and she knew they not that rich, they family was running on pinky’s salary, she can’t sit and let them take care of her, she want to help them, to share their burden, after all she is their family.

Pinky had no other way, and she finally said yes, “Geet don’t worry about me, if you don’t like the job, you can come back, ok,” Geet hugged Pinky and smiled at her success


Geet and pinky was standing before the door of the Khurana Mansion, Geet felt like entering into an Palace either than a house, Pinky as her to wait in the hall when she go and meet Dev and Dadi maa first. She haven’t entered yet, when an employee of the house, came and enquired about her, when Geet was above to say something.

“Dinesh”, an anger dominant voice echoed the place, the employee started shivering, “oh my god, forgot about sir’s coffee, I am dead but I have to give this suitcase to dev sir too” he looked worried.

Geet offered him help that she will take this suitcase to dev as she was going to meet him, Dinesh smiled and thanked Geet and run towards the kitchen, Geet felt her heart beating rising seeing the Khurana Mansion. “God please be with me, I am gonna start a new life, please be with me and help me” She prayed and kept her first step into the Khurana house; she felt completeness and stood in the hall waiting for pinky.

Pinky standing on the stairs waved Geet to come up. Pinky had already explained Geet’s situation to Dadi maa and Dev, which made a soft corner on their hearts about Geet. Geet entered Dadi maa room, she smiled nervously at Dadi maa and Dev. Pinky introduced Dadi maa and Dev. “Good morning, madam, and good morning, sir.” She greets them.

“Geet, you can call me Dadi maa, actually everyone calls like that only and I too liked it” Dadi maa said with a smile, Dadi maa liked Geet immediately and thanked pinky for bringing a sweet girl as her care taker. Geet was overwhelmed by Dadi maa love, smiled a big sweet smile.

“Hmmm, looks like Dadi maa likes you, Geet. And hi, I am dev.” Then he noticed the suitcase on Geet’s hand. Following his look Geet remembered the suitcase in her hand. She said what happened in the hall.

“Thank you Geet, I will take it.” He said get it from Geet and smiled a bright smile, Geet like Dev he was so sweet and gentle, which made her think what kind of a guy did she loved.


Maan got ready to his office when Dev bought his suitcase that he took to Manali. Maan asked Dev whether he is coming to the Office with him, as pinky will bring a new care taker anytime.

“Bro, the girl had already came, she is with Dadi maa only,” Dev said, Maan then asked Dev for her details. But dev had only one Information that she is Pinky’s friend.

“Pinky’s friend?  That means a young girl that means Pinky haven’t searched for anyone, she simple bought her friend, stupid girl, and you accepted her without asking any details” Maan felt anger to the core, “Dev we need someone to take care of Dadi maa, someone experienced, this is not a game, We don’t want that girl, I will arrange one myself”

“But Bro, she looks like a nice girl and Dadi maa too like her” Maan looked at Dev, and said he will find that for himself after seeing and interviewing the girl himself. And walked towards dadi maa’s room. Dev felt pity for Geet; Poor girl will not stand his brother’s anger.

Pinky gave her contract papers to sign and gave a file containing full details about Dadi maa food habits, medicine details; her likes and dislikes everything which was created by Maan himself for the care taker. And Pinky bided goodbye to Geet and said she will come and pick her up in the evening.

Geet was looking at the files, “Geet you can read right, Pinky said,” “Yes, Dadi maa I can read, but it’s just that I don’t know where I got the education from,” Geet said with a dull voice. “Geet don’t worry, everything will be fine.” She smiled a bright smile.

Maan was walking towards Dadi maa’s room, thinking that he will interview that girl, only to reject her, she has no place in Khurana’s.

Remember Me – A Game Of Fate



Episode 4

In His Zone

Geet felt her heart beating rising seeing the Khurana Mansion. “God please be with me, I am gonna start a new life, please be with me and help me” She prayed and kept her first step into the Khurana house; she felt completeness and stood in the hall waiting for pinky… Maan was in his room still think for his dream, what did he see, and why?


Remember Me – A Game Of Fate


Episode 3



Until Now:

Maan had found his problem, he was shocked, confused, felt anger but he is Maan Singh Khurana, he found a solution for his problem. On the other hand, Geet found about her memory lose, but Pinky, Dr.Vijay and Mr.Gupta convinced Geet.


Geet was looking outside the window, when pinky entered with Geet’s bag which she got from the hospital. “Geet, what are you thinking?” Pinky asked worried about Geet. Geet smiled and sat on the bed, Pinky sat beside her, “Pinky, I was think about my Past, which I don’t remember; it’s been nearly a month after accident but why anyone have come in search of  me? It makes me feel like no one is looking for me, like I don’t have anyone,” as speaking tears flowed down her cheeks.

Pinky felt pity for Geet; she wiped her tears, holding her hands tight. Geet hugged pinky and started crying. “Geet don’t worry, I am with you na, me and my dad will be with you, don’t worry.” Pinky’s sweet words soften Geet’s mind. Pinky is so sweet, but she can’t stay here and wait for something to happen, so she said the decision she took to Pinky.

Pinky asked her to wait for one more week, “Geet, we had made all the arrangements, we had given our address to Manali police station and also in the hospital, if someone is looking for you they will easily find you, so let’s wait for a week.”

But Geet was so stubborn about going to Manali, if someone is looking for her by now they should have reached her, but no. Pinky understanding Geet’s mind, accepted and said she too will go with her. “No, Pinky don’t trouble yourself, I will take care”, but Pinky refused and said she would not allow Geet to go alone and informed her father, Mr.Gupta was nodded a yes for the trip.

“Geet, let’s start our trip tomorrow, just now I called Dev sir and asked permission for a four days leave,” Geet looked at Pinky’s excited face, she felt blessed as she found someone like Pinky. She thanked god for giving her such a good friend.


Maan was viewing all the files given by Dev; he was looking at every detail carefully. Hearing a knock, Maan looked around to see Dev standing with a coffee cup in his hands. “Dev, what happened, why you are here with Coffee, what happened to all our employees?”

“No bro, I just came to see you, so thought of bring you a coffee too?” Maan thanked Dev for the coffee and turned towards the files, “Dev these files contain no information about our last project, what was our last project?”

Dev explained to Maan that their last project was a big government project in Manali and all the details are only with Adi and Maan but as Maan laptop and files had been lost in the accident, all the information’s are now with Adi only.

Manali? Maan thought for a moment and Adi? Maan turned towards Dev, “so where exactly is Adi now?” Dev felt abit embarrassed, “bro, sorry, actually you had send Adi to London regarding a new project,”

“So Adi doesn’t know about my accident?” Dev shook a big no and he said they can’t contact Adi due to the bad weather there in London and they are only having mail contacts with him.

“How come there is no information in our office regarding that project, how is that possible Dev?”

“Because Bro, as it is an important government project and as per the minister request you went and stayed in Manali for the last six to seven months and created a temporary office there and only Adi came with you”

“Who else was working with me and Adi?” Dev said he doesn’t know any details, Maan looked at Dev with disbelief, it made Maan furious, No details, but he had to have it now.

“Dev I can’t wait for Adi now, I am sure that all information’s about the project will also be there with the government official, so let’s go to Manali, to the site, tomorrow.”

“But bro,”

“Tomorrow”, Maan determined voice made Dev jump back and he shook his head and went out to make arrangements.

That night was a long night for Maan, Manali, he thought to himself, he believed he could find some answers there about the project and also about the meaningless dreams he was having now.


It was nearly 4 P.M when Geet and Pinky stepped out of the Manali head police station. Pinky was upset because they said no one had came in search of Geet, Pinky was the one who insisted to go to the police station first when they entered Manali, she felt sorry for Geet, but Geet was relaxed as she somehow already knew this. She is confident that no one is looking for her.

Geet held Pinky’s hands, “Pinky don’t worry I knew this would happen, come on lets go and have something to eat,” Pinky looked at Geet surprised and was happy seeing Geet’s Positive attitude. They started walking towards a hotel but were stopped by an old lady.

 “Beta, how are you? What are you doing here, your boyfriend and said that you were leaving to Delhi, then what happened?” the old lady spoke with a flow, Geet and Pinky looked at each other, before they could say anything the old lady asked them to visit her house. Geet signaled a ok to pinky and they both went along with that old lady.

Her house was a small one. Geet and Pinky sat near the fire place and had the tea offered by the old lady. Geet looked at Pinky and Pinky nodded “Grandma now say me, how you know, Geet?”

The old lady said it was a snowy night when Geet and her boyfriend came to her house, they were fully wet and how she allowed them to stay there as she was moving to her relative’s house nearby. Pinky asked how she remember them so well, isn’t she mistaken Geet for someone else.

“No Beta, how can I forget this sweet girl and her boyfriend, he is such a generous man, for one night stay here he gave me Rs.5,000” she said with a bright smile. Pinky was shocked, her dad was right, Geet had a boy friend and he must be a very rich person. Geet too was thinking the same, when they were above to leave. The Old lady stopped them again, and she went inside to bring a white jacket.

“Your man had forgotten his coat here”, she gave that jacket to Geet, Geet got the jacket with a light hesitation and then both Geet and Pinky bided goodbye to the old lady and moved on.


Maan was standing near his car while Dev was asking the directions, to the site, till now Maan found that he, Adi and a Government appointed guy was working here and they also had three assistants, but no one knew who they were. The wind was storming out, and it was impossible to see anything, Maan was shouting at Dev to get back.

When suddenly out of nowhere a dupatta came and covered his face, he pulled that from his face and he looked around, no one was near him everyone was hiding from the icy wind.

He held the blue dupatta in his hands, for some reason he felt happy and wanted to hug it. He thought he was going mad; this small piece of cloth can’t create such an influence in him, nor any other thing can. Maan Singh Khurana can’t be influenced by anything, no. He thought of throwing the cloth away but he folded it and hided it inside his vase coat.

Dev rushed to him and then they both driven away.


Geet was closing herself with her hands as her dupatta was take off by the wind and she was freezing, she had no other choice than to wear the heavy jacket she was carrying now.

She put on the jacket, she felt warm instantly and also she felt a strong scent of something, which she knew, which she liked, she smelled it once again and a feel of happiness roused in her heart and when she rubbed the fabric in her face, she somehow felt complete. She recollected the old lady’s words, yes this must have be belong to her boy friend, no doubt.

She hugged herself crushing the jacket in her arms, she loved him but she doesn’t know him, but if he too loved her why haven’t he searched for her? Why? She thought.

Remember Me – A Game Of Fate



Episode 3: Lost

Maan was standing near his car while Dev was asking the directions, the wind was storming out, when suddenly out of nowhere a dupatta covered his face, he pulled that from his face and he looked around, no one was near him everyone was hiding from the icy wind.

For no reason he found a strong bound with the cloth he was holding, he found himself holding it towards his heart, but why?

Remember Me – A Game Of Fate


Episode 2

Truth or Dare

Until now:

Maan had an accident but was alright now, yet he felt that his brother and his Dadi maa hiding something from him. Pinky who was working with the Khurana went to the hospital to see the girl who saved her father’s life in a big accident. And found that her name was “Geet”. In Khurana mansion Maan was shocked when he saw the newspaper and fainted out.


Dev and Dadi Maa were talking to Dr.Sam outside, when Sandeep ran to them, “Dev sir, Dev sir, Maan sir had fallen on the floor”. Dev, Dadi maa and Dr.Sam rushed to the hall. Dadi Maa eyes filled up when she saw Maan on the floor. Dev saw the newspaper in Maan hand and guessed what had happened.

“Idiots who kept the newspapers here” Dev shouted angrily looking at the employees around. “Mr.Dev, let’s take Mr.Maan to the room, and Mrs.Khurana, Please calm down. He is going to be fine”. Dr.Sam spoke out. Dev and other employees took Maan to the room downstairs.

While Dr.Sam began his checking, Dadi Maa and Dev were standing near the bed hoping that everything would become alright. And also was scared to face Maan and his questions when he gained his conscious.


Pinky and her father rushed to see Dr.Vijay as they got his phone call to come immediately. Dr.Vijay greeted them, “Dr, what happened, is Geet alright?” Pinky jumped in. Dr made both pinky and her father to take their seats and explained to them why he called them here.

“What!”, pinky looked puzzled “Yes Ms.Pinky, Ms.Geet had lost her memories”, Pinky was totally lost “oh no, there Maan sir lost his memories and here Geet, but Dr Maan sir got seriously injured and so he lost his memories that too only the last few months I guess” she said recollecting Dev’s words, “But Dr, Geet haven’t had any kind of serious injuries and you said her reports are ok then how?”

“Ms.Pinky, sometimes injured mind can cause more problems than injured body, she must have undergone a huge trauma, which made her brain block her previous memories”

“I know what happened,” Pinky’s father joined in, “she lost her boyfriend in that accident”, both Pinky and the Dr. looked at him surprised, “I haven’t seen his face, but on the day of that accident Geet and her boyfriend, were the one who save us all, but when her boyfriend was trying to save a little girl, the bus lost its balance and….” He covered his tear filled eyes.

Before the doctor could say anything, a nurse came in; informing that Geet had roused up.


Dev was standing near the bed when Dadi was holding Maan’s hand, when he woke up, for a moment he thought he must have been dreaming, but what if he is not. He jumped from the bed, rushed into the hall and took a newspaper, the information was same. He turned around to see his Dadi Maa and Dev along with the Doctor.

Maan felt anger, confusion, and most of all, imperfect. He was brilliant enough to guess what this means, yet not ready to accept, this can’t happen to Maan Singh Khurana, no, never, he thought.

He threw the newspaper near Dev, “Dev, What happened to me?” Dev was damn struck and he was not able to with stand maan’s anger, dev silence made Maan even more furious, he stepped up and caught him by his collar, “Dev you said I was in hospital for two weeks but this newspaper is saying something else, what happened to me, Dev?,” he shook dev hard, making him to lose his balance, “Bro please”, Dev was Struggle to get away from Maan’s Grip.

“Mr.Khurana please hold yourself, please, calm down” Maan turned to Dr.Sam with his fury growing up. Dr.Sam with all his courage began, “Mr.Khurana please, I will answer all your questions if you calm down and I promise you that everything is ok”

Maan looked at Dev and Dadi maa’s concerned face, Dadi maa’s tears calmed him down, he sighed and shook his head, and sat down, Dadi maa sat near him holding his hands, Dev stood behind them, then the doctor began, “Mr.Khurana can you remember the date when you left your house before accident” .Maan nodded, “27th Feb.2012”.

Dadi maa tightened her hold on Maan’s hand and dev looked shocked. “Mr.Khurana, you are a very strong guy, Please try to understand me, you had a major accident which could have taken your life, you had a very serious head injury, but thank god, you are totally perfectly alright now but due to that injury some of your brain cells had been stopped working, and that’s why you can’t remember your last few months.”

Maan looked at Dr angered and confused. “Mr.Khurana, it’s not that serious, you may remember everything you forgot sooner or later, but other than that you are perfectly alright, trust me”

Maan was not able to accept what the Dr. had said; he rushed in to his room upstairs and locked himself up.


Geet was sitting staring at the window blankly, how much ever she tried she can’t remember anything. Pinky, Mr.Gupta and Dr.Vijay entered the room; Geet looked at pinky, for some reason Pinky’s friendly bright smile made Geet smile a bit. “Hello Ms.Geet this is Ms.Pinky and Mr. Gupta, they bought you here.” Dr.Vijay said with a warm smile. Pinky sat on the bed near Geet.

Geet looked at her and there were millions of questions lined up in her mind, She searched for her words, “Pinky, do you know me? Who am I?” Geet looked into Pinky for some answer. Pinky held Geet’s hands and said how she found Geet in Manali Hospital when she came to look for her Dad, and Mr.Gupta explained how much he knew about Geet, How she saved him and others from the bus accident carefully avoiding about her boyfriend.

Now Dr.Vijay spoke to her about her condition, Geet tears rolled down her, Pinky hugged her making Geet break down and cry deeply in her hands. Dr.Vijay let her to cry for a few minutes, “Ms.Geet Please relax, your condition is temporary, you had a huge trauma which made you forget things, but it’s not permanent, you can get back your memories easily, it may happened when you see someone from your past or some place you have been or when someone tells you everything, so please relax”


Khurana Mansion was filled with silence but was screaming from inside, it was more than four hours as Maan went inside his room and locked himself up. Doctor’s words echoed in his head, no, this can’t happen to me, he felt incomplete, he hated it, no, he can’t be like this, and he can’t blame the fate and bear his condition. He is no ordinary person, he is Maan Singh Khurana. He made up his mind and move out of his room.

As the doctor advised Dev and Dadi Maa not to disturb Maan, they both were sitting in the hall, totally worried and praying for Maan. No one had any breakfast nor lunch. Dev insisted Dadi maa to have some food but she refused.

Dev heard a footstep and looked up to see Maan coming down; there was no anger in his face. He gave little smile when he saw Dadi maa. Dev and Dadi Maa both looked puzzled seeing Maan’s confident face.

“Dev,” he called out, “I should not have shouted at you, I”, Dev went and hugged Maan tight; “it’s ok bro”. Maan pulled dev to see his lightened face.

“Dev, I need all the files, documents, presentation cds, Party Videos, client detail and every information about the things happened after Feb.2012. I have to recollect everything I forgot, Maan Singh Khurana can’t be incomplete, got it.”

Dev smiled so brightly, his heart filled with joy, Maan Singh Khurana is back, he hasn’t changed, and nothing can change him. “Sure Bro, sure, I will make arrangement for it immediately.” Dadi maa came and hugged Maan, tears of joy was flowing down, Maan wiped her tears, and held her hands “Dadi maa, I am fine, don’t worry,” he smile a bit.



Remember Me – A Game of Fate

Main Character description

Maan Singh Khurana


Maan Singh Khurana, the name which makes every business tycoons feel either jealous or fright, the name which makes every girl either to faint or go crazy, The name which makes the world either go silent or scream…

Where ever he goes he will be the ruler, everybody is suppose to follow his rules, when he speaks the world would only listen, no one ever dreaded to question him, his words are final…

Maan Singh Khurana, he never makes any mistakes, he never does anything wrong, he is perfect and he needs everything perfect around him, he never lies, he never cheats… Honest and trustworthy can be his other names…

If someone ever tries to either cheat nor lie nor double cross him, he will put them in hell, his anger would make even the gods fear but he is fearless, everyone says that his heart is hard as rock or hot as fire but his unseen heart is still so soft and sweet, which he covers with his high graded attitude and anger.

He never believed in fate and luck, he is the maker of his own fate and creator of his own luck, he believed only in him, just him…

His world is so small yet perfect; His world includes his Family and Khurana Constructions, his passion, his love, his desire everything is only one – His business, he is wedded to it.

Maan Singh Khurana – The Empire of Khurana’s

Remember Me – A Game Of Fate

Episode 1

A New Start


Maan rushed into his room, actually he doesn’t understand why his Dadi maa was so worried about him, and he is perfectly alright now. He stood near his window wondering what’s happening around him. Since his accident Dev and Dadi maa is acting strange or looking worried.

Whenever he asked about his accident both Dadi maa and dev would turn silent, it’s been one whole week but still he got no answer. And it was not the only thing that’s worrying him. He was having some dreams for last couple of night which was not clear yet very real. Maan never gets these kinds of dream; actually Maan never had a dream.

He shook his head to get these thoughts from his mind, “I got to get my brain working or else I will go crazy, but Dadi maa will never allow me to go to office” he thought of a minute, and then he decided to call Adi.

Adi, he thought, that was another thing that was confusing him, Adi was missing for a week, Dev said he had gone to his native, but Adi had never gone anywhere without asking Maan, and he knew for sure that Adi will not leave like this when Maan is not well.

The thought only gave him more stress, so he decide to call Pinky, and start to search his phone but he can’t find it. Actually his room was kind of empty, his things were missing no files, no documents, nothing… Damn it, that’s it Maan had enough of everything to provoke him.

“Dev”, he yelled so loud, Dev who was sitting in his jumped to his feet totally scared, he rushed to Maan’s room. Though Dev knew Maan love and Care him so much, he was scared to face him now. “Bro” he spoke with all his courage seeing maan’s anger.

“What’s going on, Dev. Where is my phone, and where is my laptop, where are the files,” Maan anger only made Dev Speechless.

“Dev, I am asking you something”, Dev was scared yet prepared because he knew that Maan would ask him these question. “ Bro, relax, you just scared me, your mobile and laptop was lost during the accident, I had got you a new mobile with the same number and laptop, and files I had send it to the office. Bro, I will send your Mobile and Laptop now.” He smiles and he rushed out to his room before Maan could say anything and felt as if met a hungry lion in his cave. He breathed out and felt alive, “Sandeep” he called out to their servant and asked him to give Maan’s new mobile and laptop to him.

“Sandeep,” he called again, “Did you keep bro’s old mobile and laptop and travel bag in the guest house store room?” Sandeep nodded a yes.


Pinky was sitting in the doctors room waiting excited and anxious, the doctor came with a smile to greet her, Pinky was a sweet, cheerful girl working for the Khurana’s, came here to see the girl who saved her father’s life in an big accident.

Doctor, how is she? Is there any problem? Did she gain conscious? Did she tell anything? Who is she? Pinky spoke with no broke; the doctor could only smile seeing her.

“Miss. Pinky, please, relax. Yes she is fine, and yes she gained conscious and yes there is a problem but I can’t say anything until we see her reports, and she said her name as “GEET” and nothing more.”

Before pinky could ask anything, her phone rang and it was Maan’s number on the display, she jumped out of the chair, “Maan sir”, she was scared to attend the call, but if she didn’t attend the call then Maan would become more anger. So she attended the call. Maan just ordered her to bring the new construction files to his home and cut the call before she could say anything.

Pinky took her bag and rushed out the room even without saying anything to the doctor who was looking at her puzzled.


Dev was arguing with the doctor in his room, “Doctor, you are talking about Bro, Mr.Maan Singh Khurana, it’s impossible to hide nor lie to him, it’s impossible”

Dadi maa just came from the temple to join Dev and the Doctor. Doctor was saying them to keep the secret on for few more days until Maan’s reports arrive.

Pinky came in when they were taking, Dadi maa and Dev was shocked to see her with file, “Dadi Maa, Maan sir asked me to come here with the file of the current project,” Pinky looked scared to death knowing Maan’s anger. Dadi Maa calmed her down and was above to say something, when Maan Sudden came before them; everyone was stood still not knowing how to react.

“Dadi maa, when did you return from the temple? And what is Dr.Sam doing here? And pinky I asked you to come to my room with the files, and you are chatting here.” No one had an answers for his question. “Pinky give me those files, now,” he held out his hands, pinky was so scared and was looking at Dadi maa.

“Maan, what is this I said you not to do office works right?” she turned to pinky “pinky you can go now and take the files” before Maan could say anything pinky rushed out with the files. She held his hands, “Maan beta, I know you are alright but please for a day or two take rest, I am so worried about you.” Maan nodded and then suddenly turned toward Dr.Sam

“I came to see Mrs.Khurana and to tell about her health” Dr.Sam answered with a smile, Maan said nothing but kept listening so the Dr went on. “Mr.Maan, her heart is still fragile and you better not give her any stress” Maan nodded and then the doctor bided goodbye left, and Dev and Dadi maa went to send him off.

Maan thought for a second and called pinky again, “Pinky, I need a care taker for Dadi Maa within two days, ok.” And he cut the call.

When he decided to get back to his room he saw the newspaper copies on the table and took a look at it. But it gave him the shock of his life time, he took all the newspaper copies and checked everything but every piece had the same information, he felt like his brain crushing itself, he caught his head and dropped down on the floor.


Episode 2 : Truth or Dare 

Khurana Mansion was filled with silence but was screaming from inside, it was more than two hours as Maan went inside his room and locked himself up… But the Truth never left him…