Remember Me – A Game Of Fate


Episode 2

Truth or Dare

Until now:

Maan had an accident but was alright now, yet he felt that his brother and his Dadi maa hiding something from him. Pinky who was working with the Khurana went to the hospital to see the girl who saved her father’s life in a big accident. And found that her name was “Geet”. In Khurana mansion Maan was shocked when he saw the newspaper and fainted out.


Dev and Dadi Maa were talking to Dr.Sam outside, when Sandeep ran to them, “Dev sir, Dev sir, Maan sir had fallen on the floor”. Dev, Dadi maa and Dr.Sam rushed to the hall. Dadi Maa eyes filled up when she saw Maan on the floor. Dev saw the newspaper in Maan hand and guessed what had happened.

“Idiots who kept the newspapers here” Dev shouted angrily looking at the employees around. “Mr.Dev, let’s take Mr.Maan to the room, and Mrs.Khurana, Please calm down. He is going to be fine”. Dr.Sam spoke out. Dev and other employees took Maan to the room downstairs.

While Dr.Sam began his checking, Dadi Maa and Dev were standing near the bed hoping that everything would become alright. And also was scared to face Maan and his questions when he gained his conscious.


Pinky and her father rushed to see Dr.Vijay as they got his phone call to come immediately. Dr.Vijay greeted them, “Dr, what happened, is Geet alright?” Pinky jumped in. Dr made both pinky and her father to take their seats and explained to them why he called them here.

“What!”, pinky looked puzzled “Yes Ms.Pinky, Ms.Geet had lost her memories”, Pinky was totally lost “oh no, there Maan sir lost his memories and here Geet, but Dr Maan sir got seriously injured and so he lost his memories that too only the last few months I guess” she said recollecting Dev’s words, “But Dr, Geet haven’t had any kind of serious injuries and you said her reports are ok then how?”

“Ms.Pinky, sometimes injured mind can cause more problems than injured body, she must have undergone a huge trauma, which made her brain block her previous memories”

“I know what happened,” Pinky’s father joined in, “she lost her boyfriend in that accident”, both Pinky and the Dr. looked at him surprised, “I haven’t seen his face, but on the day of that accident Geet and her boyfriend, were the one who save us all, but when her boyfriend was trying to save a little girl, the bus lost its balance and….” He covered his tear filled eyes.

Before the doctor could say anything, a nurse came in; informing that Geet had roused up.


Dev was standing near the bed when Dadi was holding Maan’s hand, when he woke up, for a moment he thought he must have been dreaming, but what if he is not. He jumped from the bed, rushed into the hall and took a newspaper, the information was same. He turned around to see his Dadi Maa and Dev along with the Doctor.

Maan felt anger, confusion, and most of all, imperfect. He was brilliant enough to guess what this means, yet not ready to accept, this can’t happen to Maan Singh Khurana, no, never, he thought.

He threw the newspaper near Dev, “Dev, What happened to me?” Dev was damn struck and he was not able to with stand maan’s anger, dev silence made Maan even more furious, he stepped up and caught him by his collar, “Dev you said I was in hospital for two weeks but this newspaper is saying something else, what happened to me, Dev?,” he shook dev hard, making him to lose his balance, “Bro please”, Dev was Struggle to get away from Maan’s Grip.

“Mr.Khurana please hold yourself, please, calm down” Maan turned to Dr.Sam with his fury growing up. Dr.Sam with all his courage began, “Mr.Khurana please, I will answer all your questions if you calm down and I promise you that everything is ok”

Maan looked at Dev and Dadi maa’s concerned face, Dadi maa’s tears calmed him down, he sighed and shook his head, and sat down, Dadi maa sat near him holding his hands, Dev stood behind them, then the doctor began, “Mr.Khurana can you remember the date when you left your house before accident” .Maan nodded, “27th Feb.2012”.

Dadi maa tightened her hold on Maan’s hand and dev looked shocked. “Mr.Khurana, you are a very strong guy, Please try to understand me, you had a major accident which could have taken your life, you had a very serious head injury, but thank god, you are totally perfectly alright now but due to that injury some of your brain cells had been stopped working, and that’s why you can’t remember your last few months.”

Maan looked at Dr angered and confused. “Mr.Khurana, it’s not that serious, you may remember everything you forgot sooner or later, but other than that you are perfectly alright, trust me”

Maan was not able to accept what the Dr. had said; he rushed in to his room upstairs and locked himself up.


Geet was sitting staring at the window blankly, how much ever she tried she can’t remember anything. Pinky, Mr.Gupta and Dr.Vijay entered the room; Geet looked at pinky, for some reason Pinky’s friendly bright smile made Geet smile a bit. “Hello Ms.Geet this is Ms.Pinky and Mr. Gupta, they bought you here.” Dr.Vijay said with a warm smile. Pinky sat on the bed near Geet.

Geet looked at her and there were millions of questions lined up in her mind, She searched for her words, “Pinky, do you know me? Who am I?” Geet looked into Pinky for some answer. Pinky held Geet’s hands and said how she found Geet in Manali Hospital when she came to look for her Dad, and Mr.Gupta explained how much he knew about Geet, How she saved him and others from the bus accident carefully avoiding about her boyfriend.

Now Dr.Vijay spoke to her about her condition, Geet tears rolled down her, Pinky hugged her making Geet break down and cry deeply in her hands. Dr.Vijay let her to cry for a few minutes, “Ms.Geet Please relax, your condition is temporary, you had a huge trauma which made you forget things, but it’s not permanent, you can get back your memories easily, it may happened when you see someone from your past or some place you have been or when someone tells you everything, so please relax”


Khurana Mansion was filled with silence but was screaming from inside, it was more than four hours as Maan went inside his room and locked himself up. Doctor’s words echoed in his head, no, this can’t happen to me, he felt incomplete, he hated it, no, he can’t be like this, and he can’t blame the fate and bear his condition. He is no ordinary person, he is Maan Singh Khurana. He made up his mind and move out of his room.

As the doctor advised Dev and Dadi Maa not to disturb Maan, they both were sitting in the hall, totally worried and praying for Maan. No one had any breakfast nor lunch. Dev insisted Dadi maa to have some food but she refused.

Dev heard a footstep and looked up to see Maan coming down; there was no anger in his face. He gave little smile when he saw Dadi maa. Dev and Dadi Maa both looked puzzled seeing Maan’s confident face.

“Dev,” he called out, “I should not have shouted at you, I”, Dev went and hugged Maan tight; “it’s ok bro”. Maan pulled dev to see his lightened face.

“Dev, I need all the files, documents, presentation cds, Party Videos, client detail and every information about the things happened after Feb.2012. I have to recollect everything I forgot, Maan Singh Khurana can’t be incomplete, got it.”

Dev smiled so brightly, his heart filled with joy, Maan Singh Khurana is back, he hasn’t changed, and nothing can change him. “Sure Bro, sure, I will make arrangement for it immediately.” Dadi maa came and hugged Maan, tears of joy was flowing down, Maan wiped her tears, and held her hands “Dadi maa, I am fine, don’t worry,” he smile a bit.




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