Remember Me – A Game Of Fate


Episode 3



Until Now:

Maan had found his problem, he was shocked, confused, felt anger but he is Maan Singh Khurana, he found a solution for his problem. On the other hand, Geet found about her memory lose, but Pinky, Dr.Vijay and Mr.Gupta convinced Geet.


Geet was looking outside the window, when pinky entered with Geet’s bag which she got from the hospital. “Geet, what are you thinking?” Pinky asked worried about Geet. Geet smiled and sat on the bed, Pinky sat beside her, “Pinky, I was think about my Past, which I don’t remember; it’s been nearly a month after accident but why anyone have come in search of  me? It makes me feel like no one is looking for me, like I don’t have anyone,” as speaking tears flowed down her cheeks.

Pinky felt pity for Geet; she wiped her tears, holding her hands tight. Geet hugged pinky and started crying. “Geet don’t worry, I am with you na, me and my dad will be with you, don’t worry.” Pinky’s sweet words soften Geet’s mind. Pinky is so sweet, but she can’t stay here and wait for something to happen, so she said the decision she took to Pinky.

Pinky asked her to wait for one more week, “Geet, we had made all the arrangements, we had given our address to Manali police station and also in the hospital, if someone is looking for you they will easily find you, so let’s wait for a week.”

But Geet was so stubborn about going to Manali, if someone is looking for her by now they should have reached her, but no. Pinky understanding Geet’s mind, accepted and said she too will go with her. “No, Pinky don’t trouble yourself, I will take care”, but Pinky refused and said she would not allow Geet to go alone and informed her father, Mr.Gupta was nodded a yes for the trip.

“Geet, let’s start our trip tomorrow, just now I called Dev sir and asked permission for a four days leave,” Geet looked at Pinky’s excited face, she felt blessed as she found someone like Pinky. She thanked god for giving her such a good friend.


Maan was viewing all the files given by Dev; he was looking at every detail carefully. Hearing a knock, Maan looked around to see Dev standing with a coffee cup in his hands. “Dev, what happened, why you are here with Coffee, what happened to all our employees?”

“No bro, I just came to see you, so thought of bring you a coffee too?” Maan thanked Dev for the coffee and turned towards the files, “Dev these files contain no information about our last project, what was our last project?”

Dev explained to Maan that their last project was a big government project in Manali and all the details are only with Adi and Maan but as Maan laptop and files had been lost in the accident, all the information’s are now with Adi only.

Manali? Maan thought for a moment and Adi? Maan turned towards Dev, “so where exactly is Adi now?” Dev felt abit embarrassed, “bro, sorry, actually you had send Adi to London regarding a new project,”

“So Adi doesn’t know about my accident?” Dev shook a big no and he said they can’t contact Adi due to the bad weather there in London and they are only having mail contacts with him.

“How come there is no information in our office regarding that project, how is that possible Dev?”

“Because Bro, as it is an important government project and as per the minister request you went and stayed in Manali for the last six to seven months and created a temporary office there and only Adi came with you”

“Who else was working with me and Adi?” Dev said he doesn’t know any details, Maan looked at Dev with disbelief, it made Maan furious, No details, but he had to have it now.

“Dev I can’t wait for Adi now, I am sure that all information’s about the project will also be there with the government official, so let’s go to Manali, to the site, tomorrow.”

“But bro,”

“Tomorrow”, Maan determined voice made Dev jump back and he shook his head and went out to make arrangements.

That night was a long night for Maan, Manali, he thought to himself, he believed he could find some answers there about the project and also about the meaningless dreams he was having now.


It was nearly 4 P.M when Geet and Pinky stepped out of the Manali head police station. Pinky was upset because they said no one had came in search of Geet, Pinky was the one who insisted to go to the police station first when they entered Manali, she felt sorry for Geet, but Geet was relaxed as she somehow already knew this. She is confident that no one is looking for her.

Geet held Pinky’s hands, “Pinky don’t worry I knew this would happen, come on lets go and have something to eat,” Pinky looked at Geet surprised and was happy seeing Geet’s Positive attitude. They started walking towards a hotel but were stopped by an old lady.

 “Beta, how are you? What are you doing here, your boyfriend and said that you were leaving to Delhi, then what happened?” the old lady spoke with a flow, Geet and Pinky looked at each other, before they could say anything the old lady asked them to visit her house. Geet signaled a ok to pinky and they both went along with that old lady.

Her house was a small one. Geet and Pinky sat near the fire place and had the tea offered by the old lady. Geet looked at Pinky and Pinky nodded “Grandma now say me, how you know, Geet?”

The old lady said it was a snowy night when Geet and her boyfriend came to her house, they were fully wet and how she allowed them to stay there as she was moving to her relative’s house nearby. Pinky asked how she remember them so well, isn’t she mistaken Geet for someone else.

“No Beta, how can I forget this sweet girl and her boyfriend, he is such a generous man, for one night stay here he gave me Rs.5,000” she said with a bright smile. Pinky was shocked, her dad was right, Geet had a boy friend and he must be a very rich person. Geet too was thinking the same, when they were above to leave. The Old lady stopped them again, and she went inside to bring a white jacket.

“Your man had forgotten his coat here”, she gave that jacket to Geet, Geet got the jacket with a light hesitation and then both Geet and Pinky bided goodbye to the old lady and moved on.


Maan was standing near his car while Dev was asking the directions, to the site, till now Maan found that he, Adi and a Government appointed guy was working here and they also had three assistants, but no one knew who they were. The wind was storming out, and it was impossible to see anything, Maan was shouting at Dev to get back.

When suddenly out of nowhere a dupatta came and covered his face, he pulled that from his face and he looked around, no one was near him everyone was hiding from the icy wind.

He held the blue dupatta in his hands, for some reason he felt happy and wanted to hug it. He thought he was going mad; this small piece of cloth can’t create such an influence in him, nor any other thing can. Maan Singh Khurana can’t be influenced by anything, no. He thought of throwing the cloth away but he folded it and hided it inside his vase coat.

Dev rushed to him and then they both driven away.


Geet was closing herself with her hands as her dupatta was take off by the wind and she was freezing, she had no other choice than to wear the heavy jacket she was carrying now.

She put on the jacket, she felt warm instantly and also she felt a strong scent of something, which she knew, which she liked, she smelled it once again and a feel of happiness roused in her heart and when she rubbed the fabric in her face, she somehow felt complete. She recollected the old lady’s words, yes this must have be belong to her boy friend, no doubt.

She hugged herself crushing the jacket in her arms, she loved him but she doesn’t know him, but if he too loved her why haven’t he searched for her? Why? She thought.


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