Remember Me – A Game of Fate

Main Character description

Maan Singh Khurana


Maan Singh Khurana, the name which makes every business tycoons feel either jealous or fright, the name which makes every girl either to faint or go crazy, The name which makes the world either go silent or scream…

Where ever he goes he will be the ruler, everybody is suppose to follow his rules, when he speaks the world would only listen, no one ever dreaded to question him, his words are final…

Maan Singh Khurana, he never makes any mistakes, he never does anything wrong, he is perfect and he needs everything perfect around him, he never lies, he never cheats… Honest and trustworthy can be his other names…

If someone ever tries to either cheat nor lie nor double cross him, he will put them in hell, his anger would make even the gods fear but he is fearless, everyone says that his heart is hard as rock or hot as fire but his unseen heart is still so soft and sweet, which he covers with his high graded attitude and anger.

He never believed in fate and luck, he is the maker of his own fate and creator of his own luck, he believed only in him, just him…

His world is so small yet perfect; His world includes his Family and Khurana Constructions, his passion, his love, his desire everything is only one – His business, he is wedded to it.

Maan Singh Khurana – The Empire of Khurana’s

Remember Me – A Game Of Fate

Episode 1

A New Start


Maan rushed into his room, actually he doesn’t understand why his Dadi maa was so worried about him, and he is perfectly alright now. He stood near his window wondering what’s happening around him. Since his accident Dev and Dadi maa is acting strange or looking worried.

Whenever he asked about his accident both Dadi maa and dev would turn silent, it’s been one whole week but still he got no answer. And it was not the only thing that’s worrying him. He was having some dreams for last couple of night which was not clear yet very real. Maan never gets these kinds of dream; actually Maan never had a dream.

He shook his head to get these thoughts from his mind, “I got to get my brain working or else I will go crazy, but Dadi maa will never allow me to go to office” he thought of a minute, and then he decided to call Adi.

Adi, he thought, that was another thing that was confusing him, Adi was missing for a week, Dev said he had gone to his native, but Adi had never gone anywhere without asking Maan, and he knew for sure that Adi will not leave like this when Maan is not well.

The thought only gave him more stress, so he decide to call Pinky, and start to search his phone but he can’t find it. Actually his room was kind of empty, his things were missing no files, no documents, nothing… Damn it, that’s it Maan had enough of everything to provoke him.

“Dev”, he yelled so loud, Dev who was sitting in his jumped to his feet totally scared, he rushed to Maan’s room. Though Dev knew Maan love and Care him so much, he was scared to face him now. “Bro” he spoke with all his courage seeing maan’s anger.

“What’s going on, Dev. Where is my phone, and where is my laptop, where are the files,” Maan anger only made Dev Speechless.

“Dev, I am asking you something”, Dev was scared yet prepared because he knew that Maan would ask him these question. “ Bro, relax, you just scared me, your mobile and laptop was lost during the accident, I had got you a new mobile with the same number and laptop, and files I had send it to the office. Bro, I will send your Mobile and Laptop now.” He smiles and he rushed out to his room before Maan could say anything and felt as if met a hungry lion in his cave. He breathed out and felt alive, “Sandeep” he called out to their servant and asked him to give Maan’s new mobile and laptop to him.

“Sandeep,” he called again, “Did you keep bro’s old mobile and laptop and travel bag in the guest house store room?” Sandeep nodded a yes.


Pinky was sitting in the doctors room waiting excited and anxious, the doctor came with a smile to greet her, Pinky was a sweet, cheerful girl working for the Khurana’s, came here to see the girl who saved her father’s life in an big accident.

Doctor, how is she? Is there any problem? Did she gain conscious? Did she tell anything? Who is she? Pinky spoke with no broke; the doctor could only smile seeing her.

“Miss. Pinky, please, relax. Yes she is fine, and yes she gained conscious and yes there is a problem but I can’t say anything until we see her reports, and she said her name as “GEET” and nothing more.”

Before pinky could ask anything, her phone rang and it was Maan’s number on the display, she jumped out of the chair, “Maan sir”, she was scared to attend the call, but if she didn’t attend the call then Maan would become more anger. So she attended the call. Maan just ordered her to bring the new construction files to his home and cut the call before she could say anything.

Pinky took her bag and rushed out the room even without saying anything to the doctor who was looking at her puzzled.


Dev was arguing with the doctor in his room, “Doctor, you are talking about Bro, Mr.Maan Singh Khurana, it’s impossible to hide nor lie to him, it’s impossible”

Dadi maa just came from the temple to join Dev and the Doctor. Doctor was saying them to keep the secret on for few more days until Maan’s reports arrive.

Pinky came in when they were taking, Dadi maa and Dev was shocked to see her with file, “Dadi Maa, Maan sir asked me to come here with the file of the current project,” Pinky looked scared to death knowing Maan’s anger. Dadi Maa calmed her down and was above to say something, when Maan Sudden came before them; everyone was stood still not knowing how to react.

“Dadi maa, when did you return from the temple? And what is Dr.Sam doing here? And pinky I asked you to come to my room with the files, and you are chatting here.” No one had an answers for his question. “Pinky give me those files, now,” he held out his hands, pinky was so scared and was looking at Dadi maa.

“Maan, what is this I said you not to do office works right?” she turned to pinky “pinky you can go now and take the files” before Maan could say anything pinky rushed out with the files. She held his hands, “Maan beta, I know you are alright but please for a day or two take rest, I am so worried about you.” Maan nodded and then suddenly turned toward Dr.Sam

“I came to see Mrs.Khurana and to tell about her health” Dr.Sam answered with a smile, Maan said nothing but kept listening so the Dr went on. “Mr.Maan, her heart is still fragile and you better not give her any stress” Maan nodded and then the doctor bided goodbye left, and Dev and Dadi maa went to send him off.

Maan thought for a second and called pinky again, “Pinky, I need a care taker for Dadi Maa within two days, ok.” And he cut the call.

When he decided to get back to his room he saw the newspaper copies on the table and took a look at it. But it gave him the shock of his life time, he took all the newspaper copies and checked everything but every piece had the same information, he felt like his brain crushing itself, he caught his head and dropped down on the floor.


Episode 2 : Truth or Dare 

Khurana Mansion was filled with silence but was screaming from inside, it was more than two hours as Maan went inside his room and locked himself up… But the Truth never left him…


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